2006 Mitsubishi Colt DI-D CZ2 1.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Excellent little family car - well built and very economical


Nothing, just wear and tear - tyres and wiper blades!

General Comments:


+ Fantastic economy. We average approx 60 mpg, 50% town/50% motorway. When I drive carefully, I get 70 mpg.

+ Build quality - interior and exterior feel solid and very well put together.

+ High seating position very comfortable, even for a 6 footer like me.

+ Very pleasant, roomy driving environment with well layed out instrumentation.

+ Plenty of legroom in the back for adults.

+ Nice features like steering wheel stereo controls.

+ Engine actually has some grunt if you work it and keep within the power bands. Overtaking on an A-road is perfectly do-able, but that's not really what this car is about.


- Handling is nothing special (compared to say a Focus), but completely acceptable for a small family car.

- Very small boot, but I think the rear seats fold flat (not tried it yet).

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Review Date: 6th December, 2009

28th Mar 2010, 07:45

Update to my initial review:

Still really like the car, but I must report on the rip-off cost of Mitsubishi replacement parts.

In an admittedly self-inflicted incident, we damaged an ABS sensor on one of the front wheels. The cost of replacement parts for this was over £500! Adding the outrageous cost of labour (including the rip-off diagnostic tests) from main dealers, and we're up to £800.

I'll be sticking to Ford next time - its ubiquity does have benefits - you can get them fixed in pretty much any garage, and the parts don't cost the earth.

2006 Mitsubishi Colt Plus 1.5 MiVec from Australia and New Zealand


I have never loved a car more than this one - and I've had many


None, really.

I broke off the radio aerial by forgetting to unscrew it before going into the car wash (NZ$ 40 for a new one, yikes!).

And I blew the cigarette lighter fuse by trying to inflate an air mattress electrically the wrong way round.

So, none of the car's fault, really.

General Comments:

This is easily the best and the most likable car I've ever owned! If it disappeared on me, I would buy one exactly like it again.

Things I like about this car:

Tremendously comfortable front seats.

Wonderful CVT transmission.

Great steering.

I love the styling - what a quirky little thing!

At 100km/h, the car ticks over at barely 2000 rpm. That makes it a great, relaxed highway cruiser.

Fuel consumption is sensationally low - I get 5.6 L/ 100km regular fuel in everyday driving.

It's possible to sleep in the back of it - I've gone on holiday with it, sleeping on a mattress with the dimensions 190 x 90 cm in the back with the seats folded down. It was perfectly comfortable.

The boot is huge, and can be made even "huger" by folding down seats. I've picked up a tall fridge freezer with this car!

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Review Date: 19th September, 2008

29th Sep 2008, 09:26

Thanks for the interesting review. I am also a proud owner of a colt plus for about 1 year. I mostly agree with the review but I would like to find out more about how you achieve 5.6L/KM. My best is 6.5L/KM, do you have any tips, please email me tanhangkoon@yahoo.com.sg.

3rd May 2009, 02:47


I drive the same car in SGP since Sep 2006 and never did 5.6L/100km. My very best was 6.5L to a 100km. How did you do it?

Agree that this petite car can carry a huge things like a fridge. I did precisely that too.

Despite the relatively low fuel consumption, the cost of normal servicing parts (e.g oil/air filters/spark-plugs.brake-pads) are much higher compared to other same range models. Guess it attributes from the high JPY currency exchange rates in present times.


13th Jul 2009, 18:44

Hi there.

I just bought an '06 CVT Colt from my Dad, he drove it exclusively between the Gold Coast and Brisbane on the highway to work and back, and regularly got 5.6L/100km economy. So he covered about 450km a week, almost totally highway km. If you have a fair proportion of city (stop/start) driving you'll miss out on that economy.

24th Feb 2010, 03:35

Hi, you guys are very very lucky, I get approx 7~8L/100km with my Colt plus in city driving and mainly with the air con on...? Is it because I have the turbo Ralliart version???

6th Jul 2018, 07:45

Running a cold air con in very hot weather can increase your fuel consumption by up to 25%.

A turbo can reduce fuel consumption by 2-5% ish if you drive normally. But turbos encourage most people to drive more aggressively to get that "woosh" sound, which further increases fuel consumption.