5th May 2005, 06:19

Hello, I live in England and have a Royal Delica. They are a fantastic 4x4 and family car. There will always be problems when trying to get parts for 'Grey' imported cars. There are many clubs all over the world that have members who may be able to help you find parts or just information that you need.

18th Jan 2006, 06:58

We've just purchased a 1994 model - 8 seater, 2.8 turbo diesel/inter cooled engine with heaps of power for it's size. Would you believe it only had 28500kms on it and is as brand new! Like the previous writers on this site, I share the view that the Japanese must take special care of their cars before they are imported to Australia. I disagree with the mileage figures quoted though. On the open road, mine only does 23MPG sitting on 110KPH with the dual air conditioning cranking, however, strangely enough it seems to get a better mileage around the city. Churns through the sand like a beauty and in low range it'll climb anything. All said and done, the family absolutely love it to bits!

15th Feb 2007, 07:55

I bought a 1995 Delica Exceed in October 2006. I, unlike everyone else appear to have a very large Lemon. Within 8 week of taking ownership the problems started. Firstly the transducer in relation to the speedo died, 14 days later the calipers seized in the braking position, 30 days later the electricals decided it was time to fail. I have an extended warranty on the vehicle, but for some reason each claim is just not quite covered. I love the car as it suits my needs to a T, but could really do without the stress and not knowing if I will get to drive it home today.

13th Jul 2007, 04:13

Hey, my name is deb. I live in Bulgaria now, but bought a Super Exceed turbo diesel 7 seater, to drive through Europe over to Bulgaria.

I have had no problems whatsoever with the car, or the BUS as people over here call it. It has travelled thousands of kilometers with no problem, and amazingly enough, used no oil whatsoever. Have changed it, which seemed pointless.

It has been offroading in the snow, and we have all had fun with it. It is a great 4x4 for picking people up from the airport with comfort. Unfortunately, I am going to have to sell it now, as it is slightly difficult driving a right hooker over here. If you know anyone interested in buying it, it is in good order.

20th Sep 2007, 15:55

My name is Henry, and I live in Zambia, Southern Africa. Have just received my '94 Delica Exceed from Japan and hey!!! what a machine! I mean the acceleration like that of a 16 valve Corolla! For a speed fanatic this vehicle is bad news!

The shorter wheel base meant I had to take care on curves.

I am fixing an oil leak from the crankshaft seal, but this vehicle has been looked after very well and the interior is like new. I intend to stay with this car forever as it suits our harsh African rural roads where I frequent.

Thanks to my wife Abby who stood against the wall for this one, otherwise I would be driving a sedan!!!

1st Dec 2007, 03:13

In the past I have owned four Mitsubishi 4X4 vans. The first was a conventional Australian local vehicle with a petrol 4G64 motor. It was ferociously heavy on fuel getting 14 litres per 100Km, giving it a range of only 400 Km; nowhere near enough. I was going to convert it to diesel when the first engine died at 250,000 Km, however it ended up on gas (gas is for BBQ's).

In the end, the car had done 650,000 Km, all of which was either long distance and off road. I was driving 150,000 Km per year. The van had gone through 3 engines, 4 gearboxes, 2 front cross members, no idea how many shock absorbers, and the fuel tank had stress cracks around the welds, the roof rack had punched itself through the roof, and the only original item was the rear axle.

For all that, it had a pet name (Vincent) and only really dropped me in it twice, once with a dropped valve, and the other time a badly honed bore causing lost compression.

I replaced that van with a low mileage L300 Delica, and that was a mistake that I didn't repeat. Low mileage usually means that the vehicle has done very little work, and this becomes a problem. Seals become hard and wear quickly, likewise suspension bushes which will hammer out the first time you work it. Also, other unseen parts suffer such as timing belt tensioners, which will seize and cause much grief in the top end (be prepared to replace the entire head). Lastly, because the vehicle never warms up, moisture collects in the upper parts of the crankcase, causing the balance shafts to seize. I only kept this one for 6 months and it cost me a fortune.

The second to last was a moderately high mileage and was wonderful.

The one I have just bought, a PF8W series 4 is also relatively high mileage (nothing under 10,000 per year, thank you) and the paint is not perfect, which means it is relatively straight and original. Like the first one, I intend to do at least 400,000 Km over the next four years, encompassing most of continental Australia.

Jon Armstrong

2nd Feb 2008, 22:21

I purchased a 94 4X4 Delica Spacegear with a manual transmission late last year from a dealer, I was the first New Zealand owner & bought it before it landed in the country.

I paid a high price for what I believed were good features - 80 000ks, (low for a 94). It was manual (rare also) & from what I thought was a great dealership.

Sadly this car has given me nothing, but grief, first problem from delivery was a fuel problem that is still ongoing, suspension bushes have all, but disintegrated in the 5000 ks that I have owned it, The best fuel economy I have gained so far is 500ks from a full tank of diesel (even with conservative driving).

However even with the above problems I will not sell this vehicle, I will replace the whole suspension and replace the whole fuel system if I have to, as these are great vehicles.

The van goes anywhere in luxury (I love the arm rest lazy-boy style chairs). I go surfing, snowboarding, kitesurfing and mountain biking with all the gear I need for 5 friends and myself with room to spare.

In conclusion I would agree with the post from '1st Dec 2007, 03:13'

Low mileage older vehicles come with many things that need replacing (as above) It will be a compromise between wanting a less "used" vehicle with great condition interior, panels & engine life, or one with constant use that will be more worn.

Good luck, and make sure if you buy from a dealer, they will back you up!

30th Nov 2009, 16:00

I have a 2.8 Mitsubishi Delica Super Exceed. With crystal lite roof, which is a great job sir. It is a very comfortable to sit in and sleep. She has loads of poke and will pull you out of anywhere. I think she needs new front shockers... is it OK to put in ones without electric??? These are good gas shocks.