21st Apr 2009, 12:23

Original Poster:

I am reaching the 100,000 mile mark, and still love the car. I have a couple of complaints.

1. The transmission seems to jerk when you let off the gas, and the last time that happened I got a transmission tune up and it went away for a while. It would jerk after you let off the gas.

2. I have a 6 inch slice in my front seat from wear and tear.

3. I went to Tires Plus to get my tires rotated, and when I left, there was a noise coming from the front driver's side. I took it back, they said the shocks must be shot and are making that noise, will be over $800 to replace. But it's funny it only happens when you are turning or braking very slowly. Like a grinding noise, but the brake pads have lots of life left. So any suggestions, and it's not an axle or CV boot.

4. I had to rip off a shield on the bottom of the car on the exhaust, because it was rattling, and now there is more rattling coming from the exhaust.

5. Rust is bubbling up on the back driver's side wheel well.

29th Jul 2009, 03:22

Hi, I wanted to know if you could help me out and tell me the code, because my Mitsubishi needs the radio code, but my dealer never gave it to me and my dealer left to another town.

11th Aug 2009, 22:55

I had a 1997 Diamante LS and can tell that it was the best car I've owned. I bought this car used in 2000 with 30,000 miles on it, It had 225,252 on it when a drunk driver smashed into it. This car was great, My only complaints would be the brakes and rotors. I went through several sets over the years and always had the shaking in the steering wheel from the front rotors. I'm in search for a replacement vehicle that will be another 1997 Diamante LS. In the 9 years and 200,000 miles I put on this car the only expenses other than oil changes, timing belt, water pump, and one transmission tune up were the brakes and rotors and a couple sets of tires and one pully that was making some noise.

23rd Feb 2011, 16:20

Wow, I thought Diamante were unpopular with only a few lovers!

I bought my 1997 Diamante LS in 1998 for $20k with 20,000 miles. Smooth and quiet ride, strong engine. Just one service done @115k miles -- see below. Only need to change oil every 10,000 miles or so.

Yes, the transmission does jerk if accelerate around 40 mph. It may be due to its high gear ratio.

Minor issues listed:

1) Radio antenna motor replaced by the dealer who sold it to me.

2) Driver's side window seal cracked, replaced under warranty.

3) Front speakers cracking if I tune to heavy bass.

4) Parking brake cable stuck every 3-4 years, probably because I barely used it?

Bigger problems:

1) @115k miles, Cooling housing on engine block cracked, replaced along major tune up for timing belts, driving belts, water pump etc.

2) @110k miles, replaced both rear calipers and rotors.

3) @120k miles, replaced front rotors because they were worn out.

25th Nov 2015, 10:11

I recently purchased a used 1997 Mitsubishi Diamante. I noticed in a few reviews that the main problems are with the brakes and rotors. I agree. My car has that steering wheel shake when I apply the brakes. Other than that, at 154000 miles the car runs like it's brand new. The 3.5 litre V6 is rated at 210 horses, but I think it's a tad bit more ponies under the hood. The car has excellent acceleration and it is very quiet. The gas mileage is very good, being that it's almost a 20 year old vehicle. I have owned a lot of cars and this car is one of my favorites. Mine is the ES trim with the fog lights. Friends tell me that this car is a BMW and a Lincoln LS fused together. The ride is as smooth as a Lincoln and aggressive like a 5 Series BMW.