16th Aug 2012, 20:37

The 2001 Diamante is truly a masterpiece of horror, and should be destroyed.

8th Oct 2012, 23:30

I have a 2002 Diamante ES with over 120,000 miles. We too have had heater core problems about 2 years ago. Now our mechanic said that the water transfer pipe (or others call it an inlet pipe) has a leak. This pipe is about 2 feet long and connects the water pump to the thermostat housing. I understand that this pipe is made of aluminum or other light metal, and is located below the intake manifold. Our mechanic (as well as the owner) has done a search, and we understand that this part is "obsolete" and not available any longer.

Other than this problem, the car runs very good and my wife likes the vehicle. Any ideas about this problem or what I can do?

20th Dec 2012, 14:55

Hi, Just read your post on the fix for the ABS light. I am now having that issue and was quoted about $350 without labor. Please let me know what you did so I can have the boyfriend fix the problem. It's winter time and would like my brakes to function properly. Thanks for the help. My email is penny22@comcast.net.

8th Jan 2013, 23:32

Every single thing I have read has happened to me, and is still happening.

Windows fogged the first night I drove it. The dealer said they put new heater core in.

Now I gotta change the rack and pinion this week.

All of my lights are lit on my dash. Check engine, everything.

Since we all have the same problems, I wonder if we can file a complaint to the dealer. It's definitely a lemon.

Now the fan under my passenger side dash is making a knocking sound, and I'm trying to find out what that is. If the heat or air is on low, it's kinda quiet, but if you turn it up half way, it's knocking so bad it sounds like it's coming out of the glove box.

Also now when I turn the snow flake on for air, it stays on a minute and kicks right back off.

HELP, Kelly.lynn63@yahoo.com, thank you.

12th Apr 2013, 15:13

After owning my Mitsubishi Diamante for 12 years and spending thousands, and I mean thousands, to keep it on the road, I finally sold it with 120k on it, as I no longer wanted to deal with the monthly visits to the repair shop, and worrying about what was going to fail next and if parts would be available.

I've had every problem mentioned above at least one time. I bought a new Honda Accord, as this is what I should have purchased instead of this expensive lemon to begin with. These cars should have been recalled. I will never buy another Mitsubishi and never forget how this car manufacturer did not stand behind their mistake. Like the comment above, these cars are masters of horror!

What is sad is it was the nicest driving car I have ever driven. I won't make the mistake of ever buying a Mitsubishi again.

14th Dec 2013, 05:15

I just bought an 03 Diamante, and it would occasionally die at idle. I took it to the shop and they said it was the idle control valve, which they cleaned, but it did not fix the problem. They said I needed a new one.

The other day I was driving it and the TCL light went on. It proceeded to die every five minutes, WHILE I WAS DRIVING! It was difficult to start each time and smelled like burning oil.

I am now scared of this car and don't know what's wrong. Is it really the idle control valve? I don't know much about cars, but can't afford any more repairs. Want to sell, but don't even know how to explain what's wrong with it. Please help!

22nd Oct 2016, 20:06

Dealer's correct, heater core seal leak... replaced mine for 12$... Locktite the 4 screws holding the right angle elbows.

3rd Apr 2017, 02:28

I have the same problems. I can't get my accelerator to work... all lights on in the dashboard. I'm getting tired of this car... I've spent a lot of bucks on it.