1st Jan 2008, 10:00

In 2002 We purchased a Mitsubshi Diamante BRAND NEW for about 27,000 dollars. It it now Jan 1 2008 We have had 5 Defective heater cores removed and replaced. The new heater cores are guaranteed for one year. you do the math.

5th Jan 2008, 07:10

I purchased a 2002 diamante vrx in 2003 and had to replace the antenna mast once and it is not working again.

17th Jan 2008, 08:32

Here's to add another heater core problem. This is amazing! I have 2001 Diamonte, smoke coming out of the vents and my passenger side floor is soaked with antifreeze!

And to top it off my antenna motor doesn't work either!

21st Jan 2008, 10:11

I own a 2002 diamante vrx and the heater core is shot as well. It fogged up my windows at about 70000 miles. The antenna stopped working around 35000 miles. The power seats don't work and the steering feels funny. Everyone is complaining about the same problem, but I suppose nobody knows how to get mitsubishi do do something.

17th Feb 2008, 16:57

I have 2002 Diamante and around 45000 miles my transmission cannot shift from neutral to drive position. The dealer said it is heater core problem and the antifreeze is leaking. I paid $1000 to fix it.

Now the ABS/Traction control light comes on very frequently. Mt dealer said my rear passenger side ABS sensor needs to be replaced. Of course my antenna motor has been replaced last year.

I think all of these problems are very similar, and the manufacturer should recall all the cars to replace them. I am very afraid what could be the next problem.

20th Feb 2008, 14:55

I cannot believe all of these complaints. The problem I am writing about is about the same as everyone else here. The heater core is steaming up my windows, and the power antenna quit working approx. 1 year ago. I called a Mits dealer in Massachusetts and they gave me a ball park price of 1100.00 to fix the heater problem and a ball park price of 300.00 to fix the antenna. It is a nice car, but it is getting expensive to keep. A rust spot appeared over the right rear wheel well and the dealer service manger told me that the body was covered for certain period against rust and corrosion, but guess what, mine wasn't covered. My Diamante is a 2002 and it only has 55,000 miles on it.

22nd Feb 2008, 20:40

OK, this is truly unbelievable! I just bought a 2002 Diamante ES and it drives wonderfully. Although you can smell the antifreeze and the antenna makes a horrible noise only when the radio is first turned on. The antenna is always up though! There is also some sort of purr to the motor, but I think that's OK. How do we find out about getting this stuff recalled? I've counted about 20 people so far who have posted the same exact heater core problem and antenna problem.

28th Feb 2008, 22:05

My situation was similar, although the ECM wasn't defective. I bought the Mitsubishi ECM from ECM Outlet, and it never malfunctioned. It was the primary Eclipse ECU that failed.

9th Mar 2008, 19:21

I own a 2003 Dimante.. guess what? The heater core went up at 70k miles.. carpet is a mess. The antenna motor went up almost the same time.. All 4 struts need replacing and I cannot keep a rear rotor/brake to save myself.

Has anyone filed a class action lawsuit yet? This is a disgrace for Mitsubishi!!!

17th Mar 2008, 06:14

Own a 2002 Diamante LS and should I even state the same things that have been said already. Only difference is that I had to replace a Knock sensor at 120,000 miles. Other than that all the same problems as stated before. Come on Mitsubishi make me proud of you again.

1st Apr 2008, 16:03

I own a 2003 Diamante and guess what!! The heater core just went out at 84,000 miles. I started smelling the same odor. I was told it would run anywhere from $1800.00 to $2000.00 to have it fixed. Now reading what everyone else has said, it may be time to get a new car.

7th Apr 2008, 03:11

To add to the comments; I have a 2002 Diamante and the same problem is happening to me. I shift the car into gear and the indicator light flashes from drive to neutral, and it doesn't accelerate like it's supposed to. I took it to my mechanic and he said it was the a/t relays, and he didn't see a leak on my heater core, but then I had a diagnostic (106.00) at the dealer, and he said it was my heater core and my relays to a tune of $1150.00, which I really don't have all the high prices of stuff, but my pay check remains the same; it's not fair. Advanced America here I come.

8th Apr 2008, 14:06

Reading through all these posts, it's clear I'm not alone.

1) My 2002 LS started fogging up the windows at 48,000 miles. It's the heater core issue. I'm going to try "Blue Devil" liquid to see if that permanently fixes the problem (even a 6-month fix is FINE with me).

2) At 43,000 miles, the radio antenna broke (I guess it's the mast and not the motor).

3) Like a previous poster, I had rust in the right rear wheel well. Fortunately, it was covered under Mitsubishi's Rust & Corrosion Warranty.

23rd Apr 2008, 19:57


I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante LS and I love the car!

I have been problem free for almost 6 yrs.

I have developed the same problem as everyone else!! I started smelling anti-freeze at 77,000 miles and the windows fogged up. The dealer said it was the heating core and would cost $930.00 to replace.

The radiator fluid leaked on the ECU Computer Module/Relay and put the car into a "Safe Mode". Which means the care has to be taken back to the dealer to "clear" the problem. The car in safe mode starts the car out is 2nd gear and is not to be driven very far or damage may be casued to the motor/transmission.

I am waiting to find out if the computer has shorted out or if the relay needs replaced. The price from the dealer on the ECU computer was $1200 and if the relay switch is bad it would be $19.80!!

I would like to find out what legal action we could take as a group? Any suggestions on how to go about this from anyone??


26th Apr 2008, 15:13

April 26, 2008.

I agree with you all! My TCL flashes also and was told it was a sensor. A $695 sensor! Today I was driving and my service engine soon light came on. I have 65,000 miles on my car. Could I be having the heating core problem? We need to get together and get a law suit up against Mit!

1st May 2008, 01:23

I own a 2003 Diamante VRX; it is a very cool looking car but the leak from the heater core finally took out the transmission relay. Luckily, after the tow to AAMCO, they fixed it for $200, but they said the heater core needs to be replaced for $1000. Mitsubishi should do something about this. I wanted to disconnect the heater core so I do not have to worry about it. Does anyone know how to do that? I live in Ca, and I really don't use my heater anyway. Good luck to everyone.