2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Sypder GS from North America


Average car, but if I knew then what I know now I would not of bought the car


With in 3 months of owning the car the whole electrical system died - Delership fixed with no problems and no problems with that since.

Paint started fading around 58,000 miles.

New brakes and rotors at around 40,000 miles and need new ones again at 65,000 miles.

General Comments:

Fun car, good car; but seriously disappoint about the paint fading and having to get it repainted.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2007

11th Oct 2007, 01:32

You must have gotten the black paint I take it.

15th Jun 2008, 00:58

Did you use proper car shampoo or dish washing liquid for it to lose it's lustre? Or is the paint quality really bad ?

9th Dec 2009, 20:07

YES! The paint quality is THAT bad. I had bought a black 2002 Eclipse a few months ago (9-09). Car has been repainted. Mitsubishi cars are definitely known for paint issues early in their lives. I have a 1996 Maxima, the paint looks brand new (for its age).

2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS 3.0 from North America


Great Value Sports Car


The only problem I had was the transmission. It gave me trouble at approx. 10,000 miles. But it was taken care of by the dealer under warranty.

General Comments:

This car has a really smooth ride.

Handles and performs like some of the best sports cars.

This car has a huge list of modifications and upgrades you could do on your own to make this car have some major power and handling.

My only dislike is it only comes in front wheel drive and is a non turbo.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2006

2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS 3.0 V6 24v from Lithuania


Awesome car


Consummately nothing.

General Comments:

Hello all sports cars fans. My name is Edward and I'm from Lithuania, I found this website by coincidence and I'd like to say my opinion about the Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS.

I have a silver 2003 Eclipse GTS and I think this car has a perfect design and very sporty, powerfull V6 engine, it runs great and has a perfectly handling. I drive my GTS about two months, but during this time I resolute that this car is perfect good looking beast considering to this car price (exactly my GTS is about 12k EUR/about 15k $ (Lithuania prices) ).Always I driving and like BMW, but my previous car was MX6 2.5 V6,I think it was good fast sport car with smooth acceleration, but when I change it to Eclipse GTS, I feel a real sport car breath. My friend has RX8,but I never trade my GTS to other similarly price sport car. So I think that exactly Eclipse GTS is very awesome toy.

Have a nice day everybody :)

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Review Date: 9th September, 2005

2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS 3.0 V6 from North America


I wouldn't trade my car for anything!!!


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

Everyone who sees this car has something good to say about it. Young and old people compliment me all the time on how beautiful the car looks.

The car handles great.

The brakes are very responsive.

Amazingly, the car handled very well in the snow. I was extremely impressed with it the whole winter. Even with high speed tires, I never lost traction. I live in Michigan, so there was plenty of snow to test this.

This car was my first manual transmission, and I will never go back to an automatic- it was so fast I beat a brand new BMW off the line.

The sound system is awesome. In the 8 months I've owned this car, my CD player has never skipped no matter how big of a pothole I drive over. The quality of the sound is great too. The bass sounds great.

This is the most important reason I love this car. Last week a person ran through a stop sign in front of my car. It was raining, but I still could jerk the wheel enough not to hit her head-on. I hit her on an angle going 50 mph, and the front drivers side of the car was completely destroyed. When my family saw my car, they thought I was dead- seriously. My only injury was a small burn on my arm from the airbag and a stiff neck from the impact. My little brother was in the passenger seat- not wearing his seatbelt. His only injury was a sprained thumb. This car was without a doubt what saved my brothers life. The car was designed to take the impact- and designed so the passengers don't. If the tires locked or lost traction in the rain, I would have hit the SUV head on and my little brother could have flown through the windshield. I thank this car for my brother's life- there was $10,000 in damage, but we were back to work and school the next day.

I could not think of one thing I would change on this car.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2005