26th Oct 2001, 12:18

I have had my Eclipse for about one year, I have run it at the track with a 75hp shot of N.O.S. about 5 times and the only thing that has gone wrong is the clutch has gone out. I think that you just can't DRIVE!

17th Oct 2002, 04:35

I have a 1990 Eclipse 1.8L five speed. I am ashamed of all the money I have put into this car. I have bought an engine, transmission had to be replaced because someone who owned it before me put the first transmission fluid they could get their hands on in it, clutch, brakes, several hoses have gone, spark plugs, and even tires. Almost all of these things have obviously gone due to age and the paint has even faded and a couple of small dents accent the fenders. But the truth of the matter is, I would confidently put my car up against any stock 4 banger of relative size, and yes, that includes your 2.0L non-turbo's, preferably automatic. It'll even stay with some of your smaller V6's. So power wise, it's really not that bad of a car, just needs a lot of TLC. A lot!

27th Jul 2003, 18:47

I have a 1990 mitsubishi eclipse turbo. The car is falling apart. It leaks oil, bad clutch, horrible squeaking from brakes and the engine knocks. I really think the car is great, but it definitely had some problems. I am a good driver, but it was used for racing before I bought it. I suggest not to run NOS through this type of car if you want absolutely no problems with it. However, car still drives great and the looks are good along with the gas-mileage. I would just say that this buyer got a stroke of bad luck and bought a bad car.

17th Jul 2005, 13:02

Please the older Eclipse non-turbo is a joke I even beat one with a 1995 Geo Metro LSi 5-speed.