16th Dec 2001, 00:10

I like both the Eclipse and the Camaro. I think I would rather have the Eclipse, because it is lighter than the V8 cars, but it mostly depends on which model Eclipse we are talking about. The GS-T is the turbocharged version and will beat the Camaro, the GSX is the all wheel drive turbocharged version, and the GS is the girls car. The Eclipse rules, the Import Scene is much more popular, and everyone knows that imports are more reliable than any Ford.

3rd Oct 2002, 00:22

Just to try and clear this up, I have owned a 1998 super charged 5.0 Mustang GT, an 1996 2.0 GST Eclipse, a 1995 super charged 3.0 Maxima SE, and currently drive a 1991 3.0 300ZX-TT. And I have to say that the fastest thing that I have ever owned to date was the Maxima. I know for a fact that it would toast any of my other cars, and have the slips to prove it. My next best quarter and the best handling of the bunch was the Eclipse though.

Now don't get me wrong, both my Mustang and the Z car were, and still are fast cars, but it's not always about going fast in a straight line. All you self proclaimed bad asses can say that you own the strip, but can you run a slalom.

The other important thing to recognize about the Eclipse, and for that matter the 300ZX, is their near endless amount of upgrades to the engine. I have personally seen a 1992 Eclipse GST on street tires run a 9.2 quarter, then go out and drive a curvy mountain road near where I live.

The Mustang and Camaro type of cars do indeed try to keep up in the aftermarket scene, but it is hard with a limited amount of suppliers to meet the demands for after market turbo and super charger upgrades (plus the upper and lower engine mods that come along with such upgrades).

So I guess what I really wanted to say in all of this, is be careful in your Z-28, or your WS6, And especially in your 5.0 Saleen, because you may just get your ass handed to you by an Integra; now wouldn't that be embarrassing.

23rd Jan 2003, 14:40

Think about this: My friend Bought his 91 Eclipse GSX for about 2400. Since then he has put in less that 4000 and he is running 12.4's at the track. He claims around 450HP. Buy a mustang or camaro, put in the same $4000 and beat his eclipse. that's all I gotta say. By the way, the guy who started this thread said the DSM's would beat MOST cars on the street. I own a 95GSX (sadly selling) that loves to blow the doors off an unsuspecting kid who's mommy and daddy buy them a 4.6 V6 Mustang. My 4 banger does the job for less.

4th Feb 2003, 08:42

Hey fellas! I would be considered as the skirt of the bunch. I own a 1992 GS eclipse and its completely stock. The great thing about these cars is that, yes they go fast for such a weak amount of horse power (92), but even more than that is the endless amount of upgrades for the cars. I'm a junior in high school and I am planning on making it even faster. I race every Friday with my friends and I have been able to beat a few of them; (124 hp Saturn, I know it's a Saturn, but its the fastest car so far that I've beaten). So I was just wondering if I could get some feedback on what is good and not good to do with my car. Right now I'm getting exhaust, (AEM style custom bent). Thanks.

3rd May 2003, 16:51

I recently traded a '90 300ZX TT for a '92 Eclipse GS-T and must admit I like the Mitsu very much. Both the Nissan and the Mitsu are stock and this Eclipse pulls much harder than the Nissan. This board does seem a lot like a "mine is bigger than yours" but in the end it all boils down to 1 thing... if you like what you drives, that's all that matters. NOBODY has the fastest car here, plain and simple. My wife drives a '01 Vette and her car is very fast, but if you like what you drive, who cares what others think :)

4th May 2003, 21:42

I was looking into buying a Camaro Z-28 until I went down to the Highway where everyone races on Friday and Saturday nights, but the first time I went down there 25% of the cars there were Camaros. Don't get me wrong, the camaro is a sweet ride, but too many people have them to consider yourself unique. I recently bought a 1991 Eclipse GS-T and it flies. It has 182,000 miles and the only mod done is a hacked off exhaust. It is so fast that I have NO traction through 1st and most of second gear. I am investing in some better tires soon, but when I race other cars I GO. Off the line I lose bad, but once I hit second gear I pull on cars like Camaros and Mustangs. It is a fast car that I only paid $1400 for and it kills car that 10 times as much. It also has SO many upgrades for it. I am taking it to a drag track after I get tires and plan on running somewhere in the mid to high 14's. That is fast for a stock Eclipse. Peace out, go Rice Burners.

7th May 2003, 09:06

I just bought a 91 eclipse GST and I must admit it does fly, and I am an import person, but there is ALWAYS something faster.

7th May 2003, 09:38

I'm replying to the kid who said he has an Eclipse gs. I'm also a junior in high school and own a 91 Eclipse gs I beat an El Camino on the freeway and numerous other cars, so don't beat yourself up about having a gs. peace-out.

Sk8er bill.

4th Jun 2003, 17:49

OK, first off I own a 1992 GSX and anyone who can do better than 9.658 in a quarter mile come talk to me, I will race anyone of your 5.0's and any v8 I have lost to only one car and that is a Shelby cobra. but it was close my AIM name is: insanejesters. I'm me and ill talk to ya. I used to own a firebird 5.7 which is the corvette 350 motor. I spent 5000 in my eclipse and no one can touch it.

4th Jun 2003, 21:58

This car is probably really nice, but a 4 banger will never make the same kind of torque as a v8.Even so how many "rice mobiles" do you see in the two biggest race organizations "NHRA and NASCAR"???

15th Sep 2004, 02:29

I own a 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. It's a pretty cool car. As for stock, it's not so fast, just decent. When you start modding it, that's where its potential starts to shine. If you really want to know more about it, go to www.dsmtuners.com.

Oh, and for the person that said he runs 9.658 for only $5,000, don't believe him. It takes a hell of a lot more to run those times and a lot of tuning, if he even knows how to. Kids these days like to exaggerate.

For all you so called "street racers" who think their car is so fast, bring your car to a track. You'll be surprised with what times you get and then make excuses. You "street racers" bring a bad name to the real racers. Just because you slap on parts, doesn't make your car fast. Tuning is the key. Take it to the track and you will see.

13th Dec 2005, 05:30

I just bought a 1992 GST Eclipse 3 months ago and I will say it is a fast car. I have driven almost every car on the road and I will have to say that this Eclipse is by far one of the fastest for the money. It feels just as fast as an SL500 Benz, and I've smoked Porsche Type S Boxsters with only a short shifter.

The car has 77000 miles and is in great condition. Don't buy an abused Eclipse, but if you find one, get it because they are rare and so much fun.

The best part about it is you will be able to smoke ANY car on the street because they will look at you and think your car is crap, then by the time they realize that you're pulling on them it's too late for them to catch up, even if they push it. This car is FAST, with 3 or 4 upgrades you're up there hanging with any car.