28th Feb 2002, 16:05

I have a 93 GS Turbo. I bought it with 93,000 miles on it, not smart! By the time I got to 107,000 I had changed the timing belt, battery, and had constant oil pressure problems, it is now in my driveway with a siezed engine and turbo due to an oil leak.

When it was working it was the best car I've ever driven, of course it's not the best car out, but it easily competes with Mustangs, Camaros, and will flat out smoke any modern V6's in production now. I believe I will buy a new engine and turbo for 3,000.00 including labor, I think it will be worth it and I'm going to take care of it this time around!!

Dan Rodriguez

Buffalo, NY.

4th Jul 2002, 06:57

If you miss a shift, the engine blowing it your own fault. You overreved the motor, so you cannot fault the timing belt. Can everyone join me in saying "DUHHHH!"

14th Aug 2002, 22:16

Please don't insult the poor guy. This car really does have a genuine problem, if it's a manual transmission. I've heard of several cars slipping out of gear, for instance, out of reverse.

30th Oct 2002, 15:18

Indeed. I bought the 94 version and it slips out of reverse constantly. Most of the time I have to hold the shifter in the reverse position. Although this does happen I have never had such a problem as slipping into 2nd when I'm trying to goto fourth.

28th Nov 2002, 23:15

I own a '94 GS, and I love it. I bought it with fewer than 100k and its still running great! Its performance is outstanding, and its performance parts are cheap and easy to install. If you want a dependable car that is fun to drive, hop in an eclipse and take it to the road!

2nd Mar 2003, 13:32

I have the 94 GS and I love it so much. Even though I have had many problems with it such as the battery, starter, oil leak, engine mounts, front seals, and a coolant leak. Besides all of that it really is a nice car. I have repaired most of the faults of it and now it's a styling car.

29th Apr 2003, 11:55

When I first purchased my mitsubishi eclipse I feel in love.

I bought the car from a race shop and every major component had been cared for.

Rebuily Transmission


Double platinum plugs

New pcv value

New rotor

Cat muffler racing suspension dropped as low as possible.

The car rides so low I cannot even see under it.

I knew the car needed some work though. There where three major problem, leaking antifreeze, damaged right axle and a dent near the driverside passenger door.

Once I drove the car I took on these problems and decided to purchase the car. This mechanic messed up my car by setting the timing incorrect. The timing belt was brand new.

By setting the timing wrong the belts slipped and car would not start. He tried to force the car to start and I believe blew the head gasket. Reading your article has made me realize this. On top of all of that, tried to tell me it is going to be another 500 to replace the head gasket.

I brought the car to him with one problem and get it back with another. Reading your article today has made me realize this. I will demand he put the other half of my engine head back and replace the head gasket that he broke and tried to blame on me.

The weekend before I drove to Pennsylvania and was having overheating problem. As soon as the cars temperature gauge started to move I would turn the car off put it into nuetral and pull over. When I pulled over I would let the car cool off fill the antifreeze up and then continue driving. Never did I have a problem with the timing belt or head gasket the car was running fine.

I just want to thank you for making me aware of this and am going to get my car back together today.


26th Jun 2003, 23:08

I've had my 98 GS Eclipse for about seven months now. At first, everything seemed fine and I had a great time with the car. Slowly, but surely the problems began. The car shudders like you can't believe after even one firm stop. I attempted to have the problem fixed once, but it looks like I'm going to have to revisit the shop. The worst of my problems is the head gasket, which is currently leaking oil pretty severely. The dash electrical acts up occasionally and I'm pretty sure I could use a realignment, (jumping that curb probably didn't help the matter...). Problems aside, I still love my car and plan on going for a turbo as soon as I can afford it!!

20th Nov 2003, 20:53

I had bought a 95 Eclipse just around three to four days ago and I have had problems with it constantly like the alternator died the day I bought it, the moon roof was died, starter had problems, the blow off valve broke, and I don't even know hoe to take care of my turbo; So I guess even though it's bad, I still love.

1st Jan 2004, 23:15

Well, I bought a 94 eclipse with 164,000 miles on it. I figured it would be a nice starter car. As of now I have 189,000 miles on it and it has never given me any problems. The man I bought it from is a mechanic and he replaced the timing belts and other little things. The only things I have had to do is buy another battery because I had a flat tire and left the hazard lights on. I have a very small oil leak, but that is because the oil cap won't tighten very tight and it seeps through the top. I figured this out so I degreased the engine and noticed it about a month later. Other than that I love my car with all my heart and I think it is worth what I bought it for. I bought this car for 1,800 dollars and the paint and everything on it looks very good.

16th Jan 2004, 09:32

I found this..

Trouble Spots lists the many commonly occurring problems for a particular vehicle. In some cases we also give possible manufacturer-suggested solutions. In many instances these trouble spots are Technical Service Bulletins posted by the manufacturer, however we have our own expert looking at additional vehicle problems.

Trouble Spots.

Brake noise: Noise-suppression shims were released to cure a squeaking problem with rear disc brakes. (1990-91)

Exhaust system: Cars with turbo engines had an emissions recall to replace the oxygen sensor with one that could endure higher temperatures. (1991-92)

Oil pump: Cars with the 2.0-liter engine have noisy oil pumps, and a counter measure pump (with helical cut gears) is available and quieter. (1990-92)

Poor transmission shift: Manual transmissions in which the shifter does not move smoothly between gears need a bottle of friction modifier added to the oil through the speedometer gear opening. (1990-92)

Steering problems: Cars that drift or pull to the right may be cured by replacing the lower control arm with one having rear bushing with a built-in offset. (1994)

Transaxle leak: Transaxle end clutch oil seal could leak leading to a loss of overdrive (fourth gear). (1994)

Vehicle shake: Drivetrain vibrations may be eliminated by replacing the transmission mounting brackets. (1990-94)

Vehicle shake: Vibration at idle is probably due to the upper radiator mounting posts not being centered in the mounting brackets. (1990-94)