20th Feb 2003, 09:39

Did you purchase the original side skirts?...if so, how much were they at the dealer?

5th Apr 2003, 22:15

Hey. I was wondering if any one can tell me if the a 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse RS is a good first car? I will be getting my license soon and I am wondering about this car. I have heard that it is to low to the ground and they don't last long. is this true? I like the way they look and the way you can make them sound. if you get time please write me at chillin4life03@yahoo.com. thanks.

23rd Nov 2005, 20:44

I feel sorry that you had to experience such a bad car accident, and I know the side impact ratings suck on Eclipse's. It's a small, light Japanese sports car, and the majority of small Japanese cars (even Honda's) have little to no support against a side impact crash. I own a 93 Eclipse and its just as bad as yours since I can pull out dents in my front driver side quarter panel by hand. Its even easier to dent the panels and the doors also.

However, that's the price you pay with a sports car. You sacrifice some safety for performance and fun.

12th Dec 2005, 10:25

I do not recommend the Eclipse for a teens first car, but I do recommend it to anybody who wants a fun reliable sports car.

I bought mine when I was twenty, twenty-three now, so it has been through some damage. Still runs very strong though.

Lowering the car is a pain because of the scraping, but a careful driver can keep the facia intact.

Minor upgrades can make the car just that much more fun. Free up the air flow, increase the electrical current (hyper-ground wires, better plug wires, battery etc.), and you can beat a lot of cars on the road. NEVER BEEN BEAT BY A HONDA!!! A title I am proud to flaunt.

I am not into turbos, I like to have the power here and now, but I have heard the GS-T is a fantastic ride.

15th May 2008, 21:20

I'm 16 and I just got my license 7 months ago, and the cars I were looking for were an Eclipse and a Camaro Z28. I'm into cars and such, so I know what to get, but it kinda all came down to gas prices, so I got the Eclipse RS; it's a 1998 and it's a stick, and its been all good for me.

I have a vibrant performance exhaust on it, AEM intake, and I haven't lost a race yet... I recommend this car, but only if you take care of it, like change the fluids and such, just take care of it.

All my friends think my car is slow, but they haven't beat me yet. I've beat a 08 Civic Si with a nuespeed exhaust and I wasn't even power shifting.

The Eclipse is a great car and the performance parts are cheap for it.