1st Mar 2001, 10:48

I purchased 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse brand new off the showroom floor. Within the 1st week the transmission went out, not long after it went out again. The dealership supposedly found the defect, now it does not even make it to 20000 miles and goes out again and again.

Over 8000 dollars in warranty work. Mitsubishi refuses the warranty because they say we abused the car, and they are not going to spend another dime on it. I pay 500 a month plus insurance for an unreliable car from the start. Dealership stated they would never take a hit on this car, they kept fixing the transmission but never tried to figure out why it keeps blowing, except with the excuse of abuse.

I am so upset I have had to turn it over to a lawyer and my car is sitting at the dealership, unable to move unless I have a tow truck. It is a beautiful car, but not worth the money I was charged for it.

16th Apr 2001, 16:04

Sorry to hear about your car. I purchased my 2000 GT almost a year ago, I still have not broken 10,000 miles yet and the only problem is that I have 2 bent wheels and the clear coat is peeling on all 4. My dealer is giving me a real hard time about replacing these wheels under warranty under the basis that I abused my car!! That is totally ridiculous because I pamper my car more than I pamper myself! It sat in storage for during the winter months!! There is no excuse for any of my wheels to be bent or to have the clear coat peeling. Other than that the car is great the but my dealership isn't.

26th Jul 2001, 08:01

What the hell does curbing your wheels have to do with your auto dealer?

20th Jun 2002, 12:32

I own a 2000 Eclipse GT and I have had more BS problems with this car than any car I have ever owned. You all might want to check out this site and see some of the problems everybody else is having. This car has the build quality of a yugo! And every dealer I have talked to about anything has given me the runaround... I will never buy another mitsubishi again. PERIOD! Bad service, bad quality!

20th Aug 2002, 02:56

To everyone who has owned a 10 spoke wheel. These wheels are DEFECTIVE!!! These came on the 98 and 99 GSX. I have seen a bunch of comments on here about the soft rims... Besides the fact they suck. I believe they made the same rims on the 2000 rims and maybe 2001 rims also. Well here is good news! Someone has filed a CLASS ACTION suit against them. My rims did the same, and I joined the fight. There are already about 300 people in on this who have had the same problem. PLEASE email hilton@litigation-results.com. They will send you the information and something you can sign for them to represent you. It may take a year or two, but it is worth replacing your rims. And if you already have, get your money back! Email me at isobro@yahoo.com if you need help signing up.

22nd Oct 2002, 21:02

I own a 1999 Eclipse and its been GREAT!!! The people that have problems with their cars obviously do not take care of them. I have owned three cars in my life and my MITSUBISHI has been the most RELIABLE!!!

30th Oct 2002, 09:32

Given I have only owned 1st gens eclispe's (my favorite) I have had a lot of problems, but just due to the fact all 3 have over 150,000 miles on them. But my mom owns a 2001 gt, and its one hell of a good, I personaly don't have any problems with eclipse's, I love them.

1st Apr 2003, 09:44

I have a 98 eclipse with 100,000 miles on it. I love my car and have never had a problem with it. I hope to drive it another 100,000.

3rd Jun 2003, 12:39

I have owned a 95 Eclispe for about 3 years now... I love my car and the next car I own will probably be another Eclispe! The only problem I have ever had with my car would be my rims being bent! And I am not no crazy driver or anything :)! But other than that problem I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MITSUBISHI!

19th Oct 2003, 06:01

I bought a 2003 Eclipse GT last year and have had no problems with it, up until now. I was accelerating hard to get onto the freeway in 2nd gear, and when the engine hit 5,000 RPM, I heard what sounded like a loud rubbing noise. There was also vibration coming through the floorboards when this happened. So, I tried something out, I put in third and the same thing happened at 5,000 RPM, I haven't a clue as to what happened, but I will be calling the dealership to schedule an appointment for them to check it out, I am hoping that it is covered under warranty, either way, I will send another comment here with the details of what happens.

21st Feb 2004, 08:40

I bought my '98 GSX new, and have done lots of modifications to it (400 HP), it's great fun blowing the doors of most V-8's! Have it apart right now installing a new custom interior. I have had NO problems. A friend's son was so taken by it, he bought a '99 GSX. He has had no problems except a bent wheel, so I gave him one of mine when I bought 18inch OZ wheels. We like this car!

3rd Sep 2004, 20:06

Lol, well you either didn't know how to drive or maybe it was a bad car, it happens no company is perfect. Its still better then americain cars and mitsubishi knows what there doing. I used to have an eclipse never had a problem so don't say they suck.

28th Sep 2004, 17:17

I bought a 2001 Eclipse GT back in November of 2003. It was used so I was buying someone else's problems. I did get it from a dealer though. They sold it to me with the remainder of the 60,000 mile warranty. I bought it with 54,000 at the time. Now here's what happened...

Two days after purchase the front calipers were flopping around. Whoever worked on it before I bought it didn't tighten the bolts. Dealer said it was my problem because they had no bolts. I bought them at a Ford dealer for $6.00.

My wheels are also bent up. Two flat tires in the last 3 weeks. Mitsubishi says not their problem.

Now my pressure plate and throw out bearing (clutch) is gone. I had a garage tech check it out. Turns out that the factory clutch is not able to handle the factory torque rating. He then told me it looks like it's been gone for awhile...but, you can't always tell how long wear has been there.

The Eclipse's are great cars when they run right. I have every option on mine and besides the problems... I love my car. I will keep it until it goes no more. Unless someone wants to make me an offer? I'm just playing. Not selling.

7th Jan 2005, 07:17

I'm about to purchase a 2000 Eclipse GT. I have been reading the comments and some sound down right harsh. Should I reconsider this purchase?The car is mint and has only 31,000 miles on it. I did take it for a test drive and it seemed like a sound car. The only thing I noticed wrong with it the shift knob was loose.