3rd Jan 2001, 23:01

I just bought a 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a blown engine, the owner says it's blown but I really doubt it.

Haven't looked at it yet, it was a steal at $350. Had to grab it.

29th Jan 2001, 15:19

Most stock stereos are garbage.

I am planning on buying an Eclipse, I just hope nothing too bad goes wrong with it, I don't have a good paying job to fix it every day.

9th Feb 2001, 16:32

I've owned a 1993 Eclipse 1.8 SOHC for four and one half years and have never had a problem. When I bought it, it had 35,650 miles on odometer, now the odometer shows over 114,000 and it is still running strong!!

I didn't change the timing belt until 113,000 miles, granted I dodged a big bullet!!!

I change my oil every 3,000 miles and have had no usage of oil... I don't baby the car, I drive 100 miles a day for work and I drive the car hard!

It's a 5 speed... the only complaint is the 1st gear syncros don't mesh easily.

It's one of the best cars I've owned... I'd buy another one in a minute (only with a bigger engine).

11th Feb 2001, 03:51

My transmission sucks it seems to jerk when I stop, especially when cold... oh and my overdrive gear doesn't work?!

23rd Feb 2001, 08:39

My name is Carlos and I live in Portugal. I have a 1992 Eclipse GS and it doesn't give any problems. It's a good car, I love it.

23rd Feb 2001, 16:11

I own a Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo and have the same types of problems. It is now 10 years old and only has 38,000 miles. My radio doesn't work and some of the gears are a little stiff but once you work them in they seem to fine. The engine runs great and I have not had any problems with yet and hopefully never will.

6th Mar 2001, 10:53

I have owned a Mitsubishi Eclipse for 2 years, the sun visor snapped off, the engine is broken - even with good maintenance, pretty much everything that is wrong with the car at the top of this page is wrong with mine too. Can't wait for another car.

13th Mar 2001, 02:48

I have a 1992 eclipse GS. I bought it new, and today it now has 170,000 miles on it and still runs as strong as it did when I bought it, the only thing I have done is replaced the timing belt twice (since it has an interference motor) so I wouldn't have to replace the valve train. And yes mine burns a little oil, but id like to see a car at 170,000 miles that doesn't. But guess what? it still passes inspection. that's all that matters!

19th Mar 2001, 19:14

I recently bought a '92 Eclipse with the 1.8 L four-banger in it and 104,000 miles. It puts out oil smoke when I rev the engine, but that is the only time. It runs very well, but there are a few fit and finish problems such as the power windows not fitting in their tracks (which is easily self-repairable) and the tuner on my radio doesn't tune anything higher than 95.0 FM.

Other than that, it is the best car I've ever driven.

26th Apr 2001, 10:10

Hey Fellows I am trying to find an engine for my ecllipse 1992 turbo.. anyone has a lead on it please let me know.. it went hot red when I was on the interstate. god knows what happened.

13th Jun 2001, 01:57

Hey guys, I'm looking for a 1991 turbo engine for my Turbo Eclipse, would you happen to know who has one. I have had this car since my Grandfather left it to me 9 years ago, it means a lot to me so please help me find a reasonable engine for it, please.. my email address is SAULSERVELLON@HOTMAIL.COM

I'm in Tucson Arizona and I need help.

19th Jul 2001, 14:55

DO SOME OF YOU PEOPLE LOOK INTO HOW THE PREVIOUS OWNERS TREATED THE DSM YOU BOUGHT??? You know if you buy a used car, the previous owner can trash the car before you bought it, and it can give you problems. A sure fire way to know how good a car REALLY is, is to buy one brand new. I bought my 91 Eclipse turbo used, and it is a great car. I had a falling out with a weird timing belt situation, that cost me a lot, but my car is not costly to maintain and I love it. PARTS ARE EASY TO FIND FOR THESE CARS!!!

Like ANY car out there... it can give you problems. And if things like loud exhaust systems annoy you, why don't you get a new muffler??? My car's muffler was dead quiet when I bought it. My car used to blow a lot of smoke that looked like oil smoke, but then I changed my oxygen sensor and my cat, it stopped.

It's best to look at how these cars function before you buy one, because if you don't, you could maintain it improperly, and if you do maintain them properly and take care of them, they won't give you problems. Unless it's a lemon; all manufacturers have lemons, you know?!

19th Aug 2001, 05:21

I own a 1991 Eclipse and have had EXACTLY the same problems you have. The most frustrating, in my opinion, is the obviously defective paint that was put on this car.

25th Sep 2001, 20:35

Some colors of paint are bad to start with.. I work at a junkyard, and I have looked at these cars and I have dismantled many of these cars.. Recently I parted out a 91 with 107k on it. This thing was beautiful, Silver, not a scratch, not a dent, not a single spot of rust. I like the silver paint. I think this color looks best on these cars anyway.

The shifter problem you all have is a suspect one.. You see, that shifter is a cable-control shifter. There are two cables that run from your shifter to the transmission and when they get cold they are GONNA stick, unless you lube them. If you lube them, they'll be fine.

I don't know what to say about the smokey engines other than it's probably best to just rebuild the thing.. The 2.0 DOHC costs over a grand used. Think of it this way: you got over 100k on the stock engine build.. Do it again, you will get another 100k - it's worth the money. As far as timing chains - Inspect them every 10k. Keep an eye on those or the car will turn around and bite you in the ass.. This isn't just the Eclipse, it's everything with a timing belt.

And you guys with tons of rust - you may as well give up on it, because rust is a killer.. You may think you will end up fixing it, but that is a very rare thing to happen so such a common car.. Admit it.. you aren't going to fix those big rust holes.. Let your local salvage yard have it, or sell it to some young sucker who thinks that he'll fix the rust.. Rust is a horrible thing.. Don't let it happen is the only advice there is..

9th Jan 2002, 17:28

I think this car stinks... I used to love it, but after I bought my Integra I realize that this car has become nothing more then a money pit. I have put more money keeping it running then it is worth. I will be happy to get rid of it!