2008 Mitsubishi Express L1000 2.4 petrol from Mexico


It's a very good van, useful, inexpensive


It is not a strongly built van. Light crashes bend the bumpers easily.

Seats are little uncomfortable for long distance trips.

Some noise.

The air intake is so low, and collects water on some flooded roads. It's made to absorb water, and a connecting rod bent. Easy fix by a non specialized mechanic in Mexico, runs like new.

General Comments:

Very reliable van, always starts.

It's very easy to get in through the big doors.

Very good mileage.

Poor safety in case of a strong front crash; your legs are only 30cm from the bumper.

Very little turn radius, easy to park.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2011

2003 Mitsubishi Express SWB 2.0 carby from Australia and New Zealand


Comfy, powerful, cheap, reliable


Carby playing up sine I bought it, my 1995 Express had the same problem. However this model does not have the heater hose for the choke; it's electric. a good improvement.

Diff has backlash, the same as the old van.

Auto has a funny smell; it seems to get hot if driving it hard.

Seat belt doesn't retract quick enough; gets caught in the door.

Seat has already been recovered. The material is not as good quality as the old van.

Road noise is still very noisy.

Bumper bar is a safety bar and sticks out a lot further. If a bull bar is fitted, it sits out a long way from the front of van. I mounted the spare on the back of BB.

Auto still isn't the best.

General Comments:

Again powerful and drives well, handles better with about 400kg in the back, but drives good with over 1 ton again up to 130klm. Still thirsty on petrol.

Had problems with the gas conversion, and the gas tank is small if mounted underneath; 53 ltr. 400klm petrol, 300klm LPG.

I should of bought a injected one; again they should of changed the carby or stopped making them; heaps of problems even after rebuild.

Auto has a transmission cooler, good improvement.

Aircon very cold works great.

Can see lots of small things going wrong with the van, but I can't see it letting me down on the move. That's why I like this van; it just keeps going and going. Even if you don't treat em real good.

If you want a good reliable and cheap van, this is it, but try and maintain it, as it will last longer.

Resale value again is poor.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2008

1995 Mitsubishi Express Window 2.0 carby from Australia and New Zealand


Powerful, and reliable if maintained


Auto replaced at 280000.

Carby re coed at 280000; still had heaps of problems with carby. The carby models always have problems.

Air con pump playing up and noisy from 280000, but still worked.

Front calipers and disk replaced 280000.

Diff had bad back lash from the date of purchase; quite annoying.

Rear automatic seal continually leaked oil over the exhaust, and covered the underbody of the van in heaps of oil. 3 different mechanics could not fix or find out why. My mate's Express does the same thing.

Radiator replaced at 320000.

Side sliding door roller rail wore out about 270000. Door would rattle and was hard to close.

Both front door windows are hard to wind up and down, and the winding mechanism was worn out.

Driver's seat belt never retracted properly, and always stopped door from closing if trying to get out quickly like a courier driver (me).

Lucky to get 50000 out of a set of tyres. Brake pads; the best you can get lasted about 50000.

Air con mount broke at 320000; very hard to get a replacement.

The van had a vibration in the cab if revved over 4 grand; very annoying, could never work out what was doing this. It was like a panel vibration.

Road noise quite noisy when driving on the highway.

Rear tail lights blew globes every few weeks.

Exhaust broke just after the exhaust manifold. This is a single pipe set up; very hard to find the part again.

Overall lots of things went wrong / lots of little things too, that most people would not fix, dash light etc.

On petrol it used a lot of petrol, maybe get 400klm to a tank if lucky, on gas about 250 - 300klm with 53ltr LPG tank. 60ltr water capacity gas tank.

Very hard to get the timing right for both LPG and petrol so I just tuned it for gas, would always start 1st time on gas or petrol.

General Comments:

It never let me down on the move, all repairs were done after a days work.

Started 1st time every time.

Quite cheap on gas.

Could sit on 130klm with over 1 ton in the back.

SWB very easy to park and move around.

Had plenty of power; gas and petrol.

Air con very cold, even on 40 plus deg days.

Carried over 1 tonne very easily and smoothly; it drove better with a load.

If possible, I would stay away from carby models.

Good looking van with plenty of space in front and rear cargo area.

Resale value is crap.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2008