1975 Mitsubishi Galant GC 1.6L Carb. from Australia and New Zealand


Bought for $500 - No regrets Baby!


In order to get the car roadworthy, the two rear shock absorbers had to be replaced - $200AUD.

I also had to remove rust from the boot. My dad and I cut it out and then welded it up.

2nd gear has started to wear. It grindes occasionally.

The leather in the two front seats have a few small holes, but are still comfy.

General Comments:

Very hard to steer at low speed (especially in parking lots) but normally good.

The car is sluggish. 0 to 100 (km) in around 20 seconds. Top speed of 160km per hour.

This car is not made for tall people at all, in the front or the back.

Good amount of boot space, for a small car, even with my sub woofer.

I brought it off a friend of a friend for $500AUD. It was a great deal considering that it had aftermarket air conditioning and some nice mags.

I think galants of this era must have been made by Crysler and Mitsubishi together because all the parts are Mitsubishi but it's been baged as a Crysler.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2004

14th May 2004, 21:46

Re GALANT GC; can anyone advise what the power rating is? I am having difficulty finding a Manual with such specifications. Any help greatly appreciated, Peter.

26th May 2004, 07:39

Check ebay for manuals, I bought a Gregorys one off there for $5 (they went out of print four years ago).

I have a 76 GD 1600 Automatic and agree with the steering.

The standard 1600 4G32 has 100hp or 74kW, hope this helps.

Try your local library for a manual and photocopy what you need.

26th Jan 2009, 02:20

Hey all, I've got a 75 GC and I agree, it is hard to steer at low speeds... mine is a 3 speed auto, but I'm looking 4 a 5 speed, could I please have some advice on how difficult an engine transfer would be (from a 1.6 Saturn to 2L Sigma). And also how do the 1.6s go. p.s. email me on buckstarulz@hotmail.com



26th Apr 2009, 15:41

Can anyone advise me of the manufacturer's specification for the rear track dimensions for a Mitsubishi Galant GC please? I can't get hold of a workshop manual with such spec's, and I need to know for Motor Registration compliance issues.

13th Dec 2010, 17:40

For all your 70's Galant info, go to www.sigma-galant.com

30th Oct 2011, 05:15

I have a manual for the 1850cc motor. You are welcome to it if you pay the postage from NZ. billpeters@hotmail.co.NZ

1975 Mitsubishi Galant GL 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


High performance bargain


Muffler rusted.

General Comments:

This car is a real beast, but the interior is a little bit crappy.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2001