Galant GLS 1.8 carb 16v

Tranquil, but way too heavy

182 words, Gibraltar

Galant LS

Reliable and Economical

94 words, North America

Galant HH GSR 4 cylinder 2.0L DOHC MPI

A well built medium sized sedan with all the comforts of a sports car.

54 words, Australia and New Zealand

Galant 2.00

I'm thinking to buy the same car more recent, but I will keep this one maybe like a 1994 or 1997

86 words, Puerto Rico

Galant GSR 2.0 DOHC

I have a new mustang- I drive the Galant

83 words, North America

Galant VX-S 2.0 DOHC 16v ECI-MULTI

Very fast

131 words, Uganda

Galant GS 16v DOHC

Solid high-performance machine

230 words, North America

Galant SE 2.0

No regrets

123 words, Australia and New Zealand

Galant GLSi 2.0

Great family car

83 words, UK and Ireland