9th Jan 2002, 13:30

These are very good cars, but they do guzzle gas and spark plugs, the best consumption I ever got was about 450km after putting in a new set of platinum plugs, but 20 000km later the plugs were finished and consumption was down to 300km on a tank. Having to put in a new set of platinums every 20 000km is heavy going as these plugs are supposed to last 100 000km.

In 60 000km of use the only repairs I have had to do was service the clutch slave cylinder.

I'm pleased with the performance durability and stopping power.

12th Jan 2002, 19:58

I too have recently bought a Galant Sports GT ('96) - looks like the Jap imports are becoming more common. Compared a 5 spd vs Auto and although the auto was good, found the 5 spd ate it for breakfast (lucky me to find an imported 5 spd). Needless to say I bought to Manual - have since found out that the Autos are detuned to 215 HP vs 240 for the Manual. I have had absolutely no problems with mine (yet!) and it runs perfectly, although the day I manage to get 9Km/L I'll be very happy. The best I've done so far is 8 (although the tip on spark plugs may help). Being a Jap import, it has a speed limiter which cuts in at about 190 Km/H so if anyone has a cheap way around this, let me know (although half the fun with this car is just how quick it gets there). It had 85000 on the clock when I bought it - although at least it's likely that the clock is accurate!, so will need a new cam belt next service which I've heard is expensive. I was lucky enough to also get a 12 disc CD with mine, so all in all I'm pretty pleased with it so far.

4th Jun 2002, 03:36

Just bought a 1995 auto GT sports. Can confirm high gas consumption. Very easy to drive and impressive acceleration, though not scarily so. Check ABS fitted as many of these do not have ABS. Tip about platinum spark plugs initially looked good until I found out you have to take head off the motor to get at the plugs. Garage claim my model has traction control, but no evidence of this on dashboard.

Excellent road holding on japanese model tyres, but will change tyres to NZ made for noise suppression reasons.

Took a risk and took out the cat and replaced with a muffler, but to be honest didn't make any difference.

One garage said I needed a complete overhaul of the brakes, but fortunately a wheel alignment solved all the problems. Needless to say have blacklisted that garage

Overall, an excellent car and a perfect Q car.

24th Dec 2002, 21:45

I bought a 1996 VR4 Galant GT Sport Manual at 42000 kms. I've owned this car now for 3 years. I've added a BOV and turbo timer and larger exhaust. These cars really do know how to eat gas, but make up for it in there reliability and features. At 100000km I replaced the cambelt and water pump this was around $300. Sunroof, plenty of boot room, Climate Control and being 4WD it is the ultimate in luxury cruising. The car has now done 124000 kms and still running very well.

23rd Feb 2003, 03:25

I am looking at buying one of these cars, although not the GT sports, the Galant VR4. The only real difference I am aware of is one is a lift back and the other is a sedan.

What is availability for parts like for these cars?

Does anyone know any good web pages of these cars, as I can't find any!!

6th Apr 2003, 21:16

Purchased a 95 Gallant GT Sports auto a few months back. It's a little ripper with great acceleration and handling. Definitely loves the petrol and operates best on 96 octane. However, given bang for buck when contrasted with other vehicles (legacy RS) offering similar features the additional fuel costs would still make the car a better buy.

Any prospective buyer should note that these vehicles are easy to steal -fit a decent immobilizer alarm. Insurance companies class these vehicles as high risk and charge accordingly.

I am about to put an after market HP exhaust system as well as a pod air filter on the vehicle to increase turbo (and hopefully fuel) efficiency. Will let you know the results.

17th Jan 2004, 03:08

I am glad I found this site; I have been searching for other Sports GT owners for the past few days. Thanks for the tips on spark plugs and fuel consumption. I'm interested in any other common faults other owners have experienced.

I have just purchased my Sports GT and I am very impressed with the power of the vehicle. So far, I am a very satisfied owner and would highly recommend these vehicles to any prospective buyer.

Does anyone know the factory boost pressure and where I could find out the specs of these vehicles? My car did not come with an owner's manual.

20th May 2004, 03:15

Hi GT Lovers.

I have always wanted to purchase a VR4 Galant sedan, but it hasn't worked out. As a family I have a wife, 2 kids and a dog.

The Vr4 Sedan wouldn't serve the purpose of a logical family car anymore. My new 1994 Gt Sports Galant has it all a family car with heaps of performance. If you want to go with a performance vehicle the consumption is just part of the deal.

You guys or girls that have a family you can still get a great car and have fun on the road. I am extremelly wrapped with this vehicle. It looks great, goes even better and the wife is happy also, very important ingredient.

8th Apr 2005, 01:15

Hi people, I don't own a Galant VR4 but a friend of mine does. Curious to find info on my mate's car, I finally found a website that may help someone in future - www.galantvr4.org.

27th Dec 2005, 20:40

There is a review of a 1996 Galant GT Sports on this site as well, worth checking out as the owner lists actual fuel consumption figures. Cheers.

4th Feb 2009, 03:40

I dunno if anyone still looks at this page, but just got my hot little hands on a 1995 Sports GT. Absolutely love it to bits, fuel is killing me though haha! Laps up the 98 like there's no tomorrow!!!

Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with their lifters/tappets? Mine are very noisy... Where can I get that additive someone mentioned?