23rd Jul 2003, 06:00

Thanks for the useful review!

I agree they do have an agressive low down look at the front.

I've test drove the 2.0. Which I thought was abit sewing machine sounding, but it still pulled well. I am going to look at the V6 now, although expensive to insure the features and buttons to press and drawing me towards buying one to replace my awful Peugeot 406.

14th Oct 2003, 16:03

I have a 2000 V6 sport, In my opinion a very underestimated car. I do 35k miles per year, and this is ideal for me. The only niggle is the gearbox, has any one heard reported a problem with first motion shafts? I am getting a noise from the "box" which disappears on depressing the clutch, all my sources tell me that this is almost unheard of, any information?

19th Sep 2004, 09:08

We had a 2001 galant v6 Sport.. added boot spoiler etc and it really did amaze me. They are very rare cars and people often asked what it was and how nice it was...

Shame its gone, but the Evo VIII took over...

9th Jul 2006, 23:07

I overlooked the Galant. I didn't like them, but now that I look into it, they are pretty cool. My sister has got a black Galant, and I am sure it will look tight with a spoiler. I can't wait to put it up to my Eclipse. My dad says he will beat me in the Galant. What do you think?


24th Nov 2006, 14:51

I had a 2001 Galant 2.0 sport estate in silver factory tints and body kit. It looked proper nice, but was a little under powered in 2.0 guise. Would love another. I'd have 2.5 sport estate. When I phoned a dealer for parts for the top end, he said that it would be a horrifying price, and he was right. Drove mine like an Evo, and it snapped that belt the other chap mentioned, and died, losing £2500 in 2 months, nice. Oh yes, they eat brakes too, and rust on the front end easily, but if you want individuality, look no further RIP Y453 BLS.