1998 Mitsubishi L200 4 Life Double Cab 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


You just can't hate it


Back handle broke for the tailgate... was due to age and wear. Replaced easily.

General Comments:

What a monster and a work horse. I am only 20 years old, but I prefer this to most of my previous vehicles. I am 6'5 and sit easily and comfortably behind the wheel... I normally had problems fitting behind the wheel of Japanese SUV and pick ups. Love the turbo diesel... a lot more torque and a lot quicker than our previous Land Rover Discovery.

I wasn't a fan of Japanese 4x4s, I use to think Land Rover built the best, but I am having problems supporting Land Rover against the Mitisubushi 4 Life pick up.

Very strong, we towed a Jaguar on a car trailer behind the Pick up with 8 tires in the back and it was easily doing 70-80 mph where the Discovery use to struggle.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2005

15th Nov 2005, 10:13

I bought a mitsibushi warrior brand new on march 2005 and have had nothing, but problems, the power steering belt came off twice and snapped once and when it happens its like turning a tank, the rear seat belt once pulled out wouldn't coil back in so it was back to the garage to have that fixed, drivers window came out the runners twice and ended up down the door panel, and the back windows when put down wouldn't go back up, in the 8 month I have had it the vehicle has been back in the garage 9 times with problems, I hate this vehicle, I wanted to trade it back in against a shogun, I put nearly £3,000 worth of accessories on it, roller shutter, sports bar and bed liner and mitsibushi only offered me £10,000 on a trade in, I don't recommend the L200 to anyone.

21st Nov 2006, 17:58

The Mitsubishi L200 is obviously the best pick up ever made. I have an L200, and I pull a heavy trailer with two horses on it. It's amazing, my pickup's best friend is the mud.

The boot is capable of fitting 13 people, and a lot of women... hahhaha obviously hundreds of liters of wine, beer+, vodka, etc etc. WILD ON! YEAH!

23rd Aug 2007, 15:18

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my windows on my L200 Mitsubishi's (2003)? The driver's side front window won't move, & the rear windows, when down, won't go back up. Someone help, it's driving me mad. Thanks, Mark.

21st Jul 2008, 16:29

I have seen mention of power steering belt problems. Mine has shed a "V" from the width of the belt. The removed one was the same. The shredding took place in under 50 miles driving. Has any one out there heard of this? Visual inspection Torch and head down under bonnet reveals no fault.

2nd Apr 2011, 21:21

Hello.. I too have a L200 K34 series. You have the crankshaft seal and the counter balance shaft seals also. It could be anyone. I have the problem with mine and I changed the crankshaft seal. Still leaking oil. Have to go back to the drawing board and check it again.

29th Apr 2011, 11:31

It may be dirty sensors causing the rear windows to not go back up.

25th Jul 2011, 10:22

They need lubing with silicone spray. It's a child protection thing; if it feels resistance it will stop, so lube will fix it.