2002 Mitsubishi L200 Colt Rodeo 2.8 TDI from South Africa


A wonderful baby donkey - Colt 2.8 TDI


Timing chain snapped during a trip to the capital at 280 000km.

Clutch gave way and had to be replaced at 302 000km.

Front passenger electric window has to be closed in stages or it closes up and comes back down half way.

Radiator gave way causing the engine to overheat.

Viscous fan gave way while travelling at 130km/h one night, and now the engine needs to be replaced due to major overheating - now waiting for an import engine.

General Comments:

I have loved the car from the day I got it. It is the first diesel and turbo vehicle I have got or driven. Once that turbo spools, you get pushed back into your seat. Turbo diesels however are not sports cars, so it gets off the line quite slowly, but once up to speed it can very well keep up with traffic. On the highway there is no point in passing 3500 RPM; nothing happens from there. 293Nm of torque is plenty for overtaking without any downshifts.

It's comfortable for a mini truck, except in the rear seats where passengers complain about a sore bottom on long distance trips. Interior build quality is awesome; not a single crack on the leather or anything falling off.

Maintenance can be slightly expensive, but it's worth it. Now waiting for an import 4m40 engine to get her back on the road.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2016

2002 Mitsubishi L200 Warrior 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A good looking work-horse


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

I have finally got a L200 warrior in Black after drooling over them for the last 2 years.

It has no gusto and max speed is 94mph (shh), but it has more to give, you can hear it, it doesn't howl its head off. I have recently found that there is a power upgrade to be had, which is about £650, which takes it up to 140bhp. The engine noise inside the cab is loud, but not too loud. It comes as a typical diesel and is slow off the mark, so taking a risk on a busy roundabout or junction can be pretty hairy.

It has a fantastic driving position and the seats encourage you not to slump and slouch. There is plenty of room at the front of the cab for driver and passenger with ample leg room. The air-con is simple and very effective.

Maneuvers are tricky in the beginning, getting used to the length of the whole vehicle when you have no brilliant view of the rear end can take a little getting used to (could do with a proximity alarm), but I have managed Tesco and Asda car parks without too much trouble. It has not too bad a lock, but the turning circle is a little wide, and some maneuvers which are simple in a family car, may take a 3 point turn in the L200.

There is no decent room in the back for the larger adult, especially in leg room, and the rear doors are quite small, but as I only have 2 children to accommodate the rear, it's not a dead loss. I do, however, like the privacy of the blackened windows at the rear. It has fantastic big side mirrors to compensate for lack of rear view.

It a bit of a gas guzzler and will do about 340 miles to a full tank, which is roughly about 35mpg, although is will be a little less if you have a lead foot (like my husband seems to have). With fuel prices as they are today (16th June 2004), you are looking at about £50 - £55 on average to fill the tank with diesel.

As I am a member of the female side of our species, I do tend to get strange looks for driving such a macho vehicle; if it was human it would positively ooze testosterone. It begs attention and get it from all angles to suppress its' ego. It is definitely an impressive looking pick-up, especially in black (which unfortunately shows every smudge and fingerprint). I dread washing it as it is tall and broad.

Getting insurance was a total nightmare, even though it was bought through our business, it was not bought as a commercial vehicle as we do not do deliveries, call outs etc, it was bought to replace a Vauxhall Zafira (although a nice car in itself, everyone has one). Not one insurance company we phoned understood that we bought a pick-up for leisure apart from one guy that knew what it looked like, all the other keyboard punching rep only saw what was on the screen in front of them, so we relented and took out a commercial insurance.

But regardless of any bad points it may have, it lovely to drive and I have found the ride to be smooth and so far hassle free. I will not regret this baby.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2004

29th Aug 2004, 03:22

Hi going to say I have driven a back l200 warrior once then I went out a brought one. it has took me two years to get to this point and I pick it up the first week in September 04 about one week time. can't wait.

As I am only 20 insurance is a nigthmere just shop around I got mine for £1687 which is very good.