4th Feb 2005, 04:14

Myself and my husband got our insurance for our L200 Warrior for just over £400.00 fully comp from a company called A Plan. We specified that it is on drive not garaged and we have 6 years no claims no 01793 868888.

18th Feb 2005, 03:50

Hi, I'm looking at an insurance qoute from Direct Line for £367, for myself & partner with the vehicle on the driveway overnight, OK I'm 40 with full no claims, but at least Direct Line acknowledge the vehicle!

14th Nov 2005, 09:09

Try the NFU they are very cheap for pickups.

25th Aug 2006, 13:01

Hi everyone, I'm 22yrs old (male) and so desperate for a L200, I am financially able to get one, but just trying to make sure it aint a silly move, I travel 600 a week on the motorway so I am wondering if this vehicle is going to be good for the journey? also would like more information on the possible power upgrade, will it affect the vehicle over time?

Many thanks john.

20th Nov 2006, 08:33

The chap that is travelling 600 miles per week on the motorway have a good think about the warrior. Great vehicle, but a little thirsty and can be very unreliable. Know lots of owners some have had no trouble, but some like myself have been plagued. For evidence read my review. Being high up in the cab is great in traffic though you can see problems ahead nice and early.

25th Nov 2006, 11:09


My husband desperately wants an L200 Trojan (the older style). Can anyone give me a clue as to what it does to the gallon of diesel. I have been searching on the Internet, but am getting mixed results. He's trying to convince me it will do about 26MPG combined, so I would appreciate the comments from someone who already owns one.

30th Dec 2007, 12:39

Always wanted a Warrior, got one now, had it about 6 months.

55 plate, bought privately. Was a bit concerned about big motor... big problems...big money. Don't regret a thing so far. Bit juicy, but not as bad as I expected, it's a big truck I would say 30MPG mixed motoring. I have heard that power upgrades can cause problems though for all you who need more speed, although I don't understand why, it's a truck! buy a sports car if its speed you need. Mines got fair bit of chrome and regularly turns heads. Good all round motor and I love it. no faults with design or running. Handy for shopping, kids bikes, rubbish to dump, all round winner in my opinion.

18th Mar 2008, 17:08

I really want a warrior but I'm only 19... will it be possible for me to get insured?

5th Sep 2008, 12:45

Had my L200 for over twelve months now. It's a beast, the wife loves it, it roars and everyone gets out of your way.

We reckon we get around 28-30mpg. It may not be the most practical vehicle on the road, but boy do you get the looks when you drive around town. Let's face it, no one looks twice if you're in something common.

Its black of course with all the chrome trim. Also have the chrome bars on the back with nice big chrome spots - it's ace.

I have managed to get mine insured for £320 for me and the better half. Mind you we are both in our forties with full no claims.

I am about to buy a power upgrade; anyone know how good these really are?

30th Aug 2010, 20:58

I own a 02 plate Warrior. I have had it for 2 years now with no problems, other than the fact that it likes its fuel.

I am fully comp for £300 and am 27 years old.

These motors aren't made for motorways or long runs up and down the country. They are great in the snow and I never get stuck like my neighbours did the last winter. (There's a very big hill coming in or out my street). LOL.

Power upgrade can cause a lot of problems as these machines aint built for speed.

17th Sep 2010, 12:34

Picking mine up in 9 days, and reading these reviews has put a smile on my face. Thank you :)

25th Sep 2010, 15:03

To the person that commented on the 30th! Where did you get insurance for £300?

22nd Nov 2010, 12:19

Does adding the chrome bar to the front affect the insurance?