Lancer GLX 1.3L petrol

Impressive despite its age

44 words, Mauritius

Lancer GLX 1.5

190 words, Philippines

Lancer GL 1.3

A budget car that gives you passion in driving

187 words, Philippines, 15 comments

Lancer GXLi 1.5 injection

They don't get more reliable than this

227 words, Finland

Lancer GL 1.3

The most reliable car I've ever had

160 words, Finland

Lancer EL 1.3 liter

A fun, city car that wants to be pampered

837 words, Philippines, 30 comments

Lancer 1.5

Cheap to run

57 words, Australia and New Zealand

Lancer CA SE 1.5 petrol

Was a great first car for me

96 words, Australia and New Zealand

Lancer GL 1.3 G13

Almost repair-free

179 words, Finland