1995 Mitsubishi Lancer GLI Evo 2 Spring 1.6 gasoline injection from Netherlands


Not much apart from what dealers deliberately destroyed or did wrong.

Water pump, hydraulic steering housing.

The plastic wheel caps are no good.

A very good reliable car that needs every second of your attention whilst driving; not a shopping car. When new, she was a real tyre burner and was throttled down in MMS by law :( The slightest gas pedal movement would outrun any Porsche, BMW or whatever.

Deserves decent tyres i.e. Bridgestone or Michelin.

From 95 onwards these Lancers can't be maintained in your own garage; it requires special skills and tools. Luckily she only requires checking fluid levels.

No consumption after 200.000 km.

The gearbox has unpleasant shifting on this model.

Biggest problem is finding a decent dealer and spares, but you hardly need them

like Subaru.

I've seen a few rare accidents with similar Lancers. She can't take much or any impact. No airbags on this one.

One Lancer low speed against a police bike. Lancer was a total loss.

One Lancer, very low speed bump from the rear by a Mercedes 190 in town. A total loss. No good for crash tests.

Beware, Mitsubishi does not have very customer/service minded aftersales. After you buy it, you are on your own almost.

General Comments:

For 1995 it was voted the most ugly car on the road in Netherlands. 20 years later it's the best surviving car in Netherlands and very awesome still. Most drivers are cautious people, having preowned a Mazda 323 80s model before. Most kept it in an indoor garage for the first few years because she was so handsome. A spacious family car.

After 1996, Lancers are not interesting anymore... No doubt this is the best Lancer production version ever. This model sold in Netherlands from late 1994 to 1996.

The station wagon version sold a few years longer. Abroad she was available already from 1992?

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Review Date: 14th December, 2014

1995 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.3L from Norway


Excellent choice for a reliable, cheap car


I have had to replace the shock absorbers. They had not been replaced since new!

General Comments:

I bought this car for a meager 1800 Euro (CHEAP in Norway).

I have driven 30000km with it. Zero problems.

It always starts, and it is a good winter car!

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Review Date: 11th January, 2011

1995 Mitsubishi Lancer CC GL 1.5 petrol carb. from Australia and New Zealand


Love Mitsubishi. Always had 'em and always will


Regular replacements.

Clutch replaced at 260,000km.

Brake shoes replaced at 280,000km.

Constant replacement of light bulbs - all of them.

Wearing of the inside edge of front tyres.

General Comments:

The car handles well for the everyday city run, wouldn't expect miracles from a city car. OK at the lights, but needs serious whipping to get decent pick up.

Cold start is a nightmare, where I can hear every valve opening and closing, and the engine running dry close to a minute. Not an impressive sound. Fell for the car when the dealer cranked the engine, and it was super smooth; hence the purchase. Of course he had the engine pre-warmed!!

Fuel economy is acceptable for a city runner with an average of 12km/lt. Have hit 15.5 lt/km interstate. However this is pretty OK for a carby 1.5lt engine with 300,000 on the clock.

Word of caution if buying a used Lancer CC!! Always check for weakening of the clutch cable bracket at the firewall of the engine bay. This is very weak. When the clutch starts to fail, this is the weakest point. Damage is very expensive to fix, trust me!!

Handling on wet roads is very bad for a front wheel drive, with heavy over-steer. Easier to lock the wheels on moderate braking.

Paint work, and overall fit and finish, is holding up for the age of the car.

Best part about the car is the self-maintenance capability. It's mostly DIY, and parts are relatively cheap. Tyres last a while, I've clocked 60,000km on mine.

To increase grip, hope to chuck the stock wheels and fit chunkier tyres.

Overall, I'd recommend the car to first time car buyers. Not recommended for families. You cannot fit anything bigger than a suitcase in this car. It's a downfall of owning a coupe!!

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2010