1997 Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.3 from Lithuania


Nice family car, really nice looks for its year!


Exhaust cracked twice, needed welding.

Lambda sonde broke at 140.000km had to be replaced.

At 150.000km some problem with control of sparks, needed tuning.

General Comments:

Car runs on auto-gas and petrol, 1.3l engine slightly small for it, but drives almost like 1.6l! Really nice handling, has EVO spirit :) but sadly not EVO specs...

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Review Date: 4th October, 2006

1997 Mitsubishi Lancer GL 1.3 Gas from Egypt


Perfect and smooth ride


*low on bad roads especially when you have more than one in the car.

*transmission is not really smooth.

*acceleration is low compared with

Honda Civic 1.3 cc same year model.

*Seats are little low while getting out of the vehicle.

*air condition nor really cold.

*sound system is not that perfect.

General Comments:

This car is generally good for its price, it's smooth ride with good stability on high speeds and curves, The engine is smooth though with sleek sound, I think it's a perfect car for a small family or someone who needs a smooth ride with low fuel cost, it looks good, and it has a lot of accessory parts that you can put to custom it.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2005

1997 Mitsubishi Lancer evo 4 2.0 turbo from UK and Ireland


Wet dream


I cracked a piston due to a blocked fuel filter, and a very heavy foot.

General Comments:

I have owned a lot of cheaper performance cars, the evo is by far the best all rounder.U get so much feed back from the car, and it's a magnet in the wet and the dry.Haven't had the pleasure of ice yet!!!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2004

11th Dec 2004, 12:08

Vulgar title.

24th Nov 2006, 16:10

Not a very informative review!

1997 Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.3 Carburettor from Uruguay


Very good car to keep for a long time


Carburettor (every 5000 km or so), much more work and spare parts than simple cleaning and maintenance.

Camshaft had to be replaced at 110000 km.

Overheating at 90000 km (expansion jar exploded), no apparent harm.

Suspension bits and pieces at 80000 km.

High fuel consumption, will not do more than 12 km on a liter at 90 km/h on the highway.

General Comments:

First Japanese car. Great fit and finish, even though it had 60000 km when I bought it from the original owner. Clearly needs the 1.6 fuel-injected engine that comes with the GLXi.

This car is very complete, best steering I've ever tried on any car, goes where you point it.

Too low to use on bad roads.

Comfortable interior, but seats are a bit low for getting in and out.

Good A/C, but with the small engine takes too much power.

Great visibility.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2004

1997 Mitsubishi Lancer GLXI 1.6 from Philippines


Surpass your expectations


Condenser change after making it pass through flooded streets.

Grounded handbrake warning light (dash) which was easily repaired by Mitsubishi Service.

Blower sometimes not enough, although its very hot in the Philippines. Heat also because of the leather seats.

General Comments:

Every time my family shops around for a sedan, the Lancer is always been in our list because it has been very reliable. This car is more durable than the Civic because it was able to withstand all the punishments I've put it into, like making 180 degrees turns while running 80km and pulling up the hand brake. Its these times that makes you feel that you are driving an Evo. Also, transmission didn't give any problems when doing "Fast and the Furious" starts (you can do this by revving high while on neutral then put it on Drive, but don't remove your foot from the gas pedal) that makes your car burn rubber just like in the movies. You just have to get used to this car and feel it so every maneuver you make will be made with confidence, it will never let you down. Just needs a little more juice if you are serious with racing, but for a family car, this will suffice. Just don't abuse it like making it run to rough terrain or muddy, just stick to the road.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2003