Lancer ES 2.0

Spend $20000 on the car, and never have to worry about anything else

44 words, Australia and New Zealand

Lancer RalliArt 2.4L

Great, sporty, reliable car

210 words, North America

Lancer ES MY06 CH 2.0

An excellent car for the price that you can always rely on to get you to where you need to go

54 words, Australia and New Zealand

Lancer EVO 8 (IX) 2.0 turbo


298 words, Australia and New Zealand

Lancer GV GLX 1.6 litre

It is the best car in its class available!!!

127 words, Pakistan

Lancer Equipe 1.6 petrol

A practical car for practical people

291 words, UK and Ireland

Lancer OZ-Rally 2.0L 4 cylinder

Excellent purchase, practical and reliable, yet cute and sporty

152 words, North America

Lancer GLX 1.3

Very comfortable, good handling sedan car

98 words, Egypt, 2 comments

Lancer Ralliart

Reliable, fun to drive..3 stars out of 4

161 words, North America

Lancer OZ Rally Edition 2.0 gasoline

My family had 3 Lancers and they are awesome and economical cars with a spice of sportiness

83 words, North America