2006 Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.6 from Singapore


Perfect car and best car if you measure performance / investment


Loud engine sound

Poor sound proofing at 4K RPM and/or 130km/h and above

Floating after 160km/h.

General Comments:

Good handling at the speed below 160km/h, aftermarket strut bar, shock and springs are needed to improve the handling of the car.

Good engine performance, easily overtake cars from similar CC. Be the champion if drag race with any car from same CC. (stock condition)

Comfortable and quite for such performance, other models car tends to be noisier at that speed and performance.

Nice interior, modern and yet simple, looks very elegant yet sporty.

Good looking exterior and easy to be added on the kit to make it even more fierce.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2007

10th Aug 2007, 20:23

How could you think it was unusual to feel the car float at that speed and play that as a negative..

The car isn't made to do 160km/hr everyday.

14th Jan 2011, 09:38

Do you know why your car jerks? I also own a Lancer 2005, but has no problems. It is also an auto, and has done up to 146000.

16th Apr 2011, 11:03

Yes I agree with you since it's happened to me.

I have a Lancer EX 2008 model with 84000 km, and now the bearing has damaged. For that, the authorised agent in Abu Dhabi is asking me to pay around AED, 20000.

I will never recommend anyone to buy a Mitsubishi car in my life.

3rd Feb 2012, 09:28

I have the solution for you.

Don't spend any money! I had the same, and was told many stories that I have to change the gear box.

Check the socket of the sensor. It is next to the left front wheel. You will see that they are only in bad condition. Clean, or better, change them, which will cost you about 20USD.

Mitsubishi gear box in the years 2006 - 2008 are very good, and even in competition with Toyota. Mine has 150'000 Km already, and I kick the baby to 5000 RPM regularly. Before 4000 RPM, there's nothing to give anyways.


30th Apr 2012, 04:48

I drove a lot of cars. The Lancer 2006 is very great, but not designed for speed. I tested 160 Kph with a Peugeot 206, perfect, and an Avante with 180 Kph, wonderful.

But the Lancer could not make 130 kph with the same feeling of safety.

Still, I like my Lancer, and I'm still driving it.

2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart 2.4L from North America


Lengthy review for a nice car


Nothing at this time.

General Comments:

Well not really.. no green glow, but it does have a Boom Boom system.

I haven't had the car for long yet, however this far I am quite happy with it. I chose to go with the sun and sound package to get the sub woofer added, which sits in the trunk and does take away some storage capacity however doesn't bother me, as well as the sunroof.

The cabin is very quiet when driving at highway speeds and one can easily have a comfortable conversation without having to raise ones voice, however you may find that with the sun and sound package its quite difficult to turn down the stereo since it sounds so good, and singing out loudly may cause your voice to fade for a bit.

It is very solid on the road, acceleration is smooth, and the car stops on a dime. Thus far, every time quick braking was required, the car stopped, but my brain kept going.

A little dangerous is the cornering sharpley while accelerating hard, for example, around an intersection from a stop per say. It seems that when doing that the steering wheel will stay in its place rather than turning back into a neutral position as one would expect when you let it go, and what happens is you might veer into another lane. Could be dangerous with oncoming traffic.

A bit about the gear box.. it is sport tuned and therefore has a short throw and feels tight, which is nice, however it seems to be a bit of a pain in the behind to get into 1st gear sometimes. Once one is used to the car its not a problem. I did grind the gears a few times when I first got it because it felt like it was in first, but wasn't. A quick double clutching or shifting into second and then to first will usually help. Anyone else driving this car model please leave a comment if you experience the same issue. Might just be because of the short throw.

-The ABS works as expected.

-All dials and knobs and switches are easy to reach without having to lean forward.

-Little confusing perhaps is the engine oil dip stick, which has a white handle rather than the expected yellow colored one. For someone like me who is used to the yellow handle it may take a bit to stop looking for yellow and see the white :P

-Car heats up quickly from cold start, which makes for the cabin heat to become warm quick as well.

-Internal lighting is sufficient, however would be nice for it to have a light where the CD changer is to add some illumination in the night.

I would definitely recommend for any one in the market for a new vehicle to take a look at Mitsubishi.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2007