14th May 2007, 23:17

I'm interested in this car, but have read reviews that the fuel economy is pretty bad. Anyone with the 08 Lancer, what mpg are you getting?

30th May 2007, 07:30

I really like the 08 Lancer. After doing a lot of research on this car, I've noticed two big flaws on this beauty.

The fuel economy of the Lancer 08 is ~21/31mpg on (city/hwy). Standard SUVs of this year (even american) are giving that mileage!

Acceleration is 9s to 60mph. Animals in Africa will pass you!

A Civic of this year will offer you ~31/41mpg (cit/hwy), is much faster and is just as gorgeous.

The only good thing about this beauty is that it comes with a lot of neat features at a lower price when compared to a Civic.

That's it! And I'm still confused if I should take it or not.

21st Jun 2007, 23:09

When comparing fuel economy between vehicles, make sure to note that the Lancer is a 2008 model year, and the Civic, Mazda 3, Corolla are all 2007 models. The EPA has changed its testing methods for 2008, and the new Lancer is rated under those standards. It may look lower than other cars, but most cars will take a 10-20% hit in mpg ratings for 2008.

The power steering leak is very strange, but those things do happen with new models from time to time. Mitsubishi has one of the best warranties in the world, and I would not hesitate to buy one.

Also, the 9 second 0-60 time is with the new CVT transmission. It is fairly slow off the line, but will hold its own once underway. The manual is faster off the line, but in a rolling run, like 25-75 mph, they will be dead even, if not the CVT going faster due to the lack of gears to shift.

23rd Jul 2007, 11:39

I am looking into buying a 08 Lancer and I'm debating over the model to get. Since all 3 Models come with a 4B11 engine (2.0L MIVEC) their performance should be limited only by the tire/wheel package offered.

My question to all of you is:

What do you think of their fit/finish inside the Lancer?

If you bought the Higher end model, did you feel that your money is worth it?

Here in Canada, The base MSRP for a ES is $17k and with all the options on the GTS it's $23k. But you get:

18" Alloy Wheels and slightly stickier tires

SLIGHTLY (by a few millimeters) larger front brake disks

Slightly stiffer suspension

Body Kit (looks damn good I think)

600w Fosgate System and Sunroof.

Bottomline: Will you buy the ES and spend money or a GTS and not worry about it?

5th Sep 2007, 15:44

The high end model of the new 08 Lancer is definitely worth it in features, but for the price difference, the change is not drastic. I recently put a down payment on a 08 ES Lancer, and I'm excited. The one thing about the ES that gets at me is the fact that I cannot upgrade many of the features. Smooth and reliable ride when out with the base model. I'm excited.

P.S. I'm also in Canada.

9th Oct 2007, 16:41

Just to let you know it isn't 600 watts, it is 650!

30th Oct 2007, 12:19

Well, before I have always thought Mitsubishi to be a boring, plain, unreliable car, but then I saw a new lancer in my local wal-mart's parking lot, and was like WOW! I eat one! My feelings for Mitsubishi have completely changed, and I now may actually look at buying one in the future. The styling of this car just totally blew me away. I feel jealous for those who are lucky enough to have one! Hope you enjoy it!

12th Mar 2008, 01:25

Hey guys, I own a 2007 ES Lancer. It is a great car, I have no problems with it. Yes the Lancer goes through the fuel, but it gets better as it gets older. I was in a car accident where my Lancer was smashed; I felt safe in the Lancer, I wasn't hurt at all. It had heaps of power and beats most standard V6 cars. I am going to stick to the Lancers.

26th Jul 2008, 14:38

I've had my DE now for 2 months and average 24 mpg city, and 30 highway. Plus I paid 14k for mine. How much was that Civic?

Plus a 10yr/100,000mi warranty.

9th Sep 2010, 02:34

30 mpg highway seems weird. I'm consistently getting highway numbers in the high thirties and even low forties. 30 blank highway driving is what I get when towing my half ton boat.