20th Feb 2007, 06:12

Read it again. He didn't say it was the best performance car, just 'the best'. Typical Yank thinking straight line speed is everything.

And as for best handling, don't make my laugh, it may be great for powerslides on a track, but on public roads, its pretty poor.

Also how can you say the EVO has no comfort, when your talking about a Corvette that has 'leaf springs'...suspension that was developed decades ago and belongs there. It makes A 911 GT3RS seem comfortable.

20th Feb 2007, 15:58

The Z06 Vette is the best value under 70K there is no way of debating that.

A car that I think is an even better value then the Evo is the Subaru impreza STi. That car has much better quality, better AWD, and is not a Mitsubishi.

20th Feb 2007, 18:41

To commenter 6:12.

You sound like a typical brit. You know nothing of Corvettes, but because Top Gear doesn't like it therefore it's garbage. Have you ever driven a C6 corvette? If you have you'd realize that there is nothing primative about it. And The Z06 will spank anything that costs less than three times its price. You can drive it every day to work in comfort then take it to the track and embarrass Porsche's and Ferrari's all day long. Stick to what you know; traffic circles and boiled food.

21st Feb 2007, 06:01

Shocking plasticcy interior, poor build quality & suspension that would be more at home on Fred Flintstone's car... The Corvette may have some great qualities, but its no all-rounder.

The Impreza STI wins hands down due to being brilliant in almost every way. The only concern being some peoples stereotypical views of the owners.

21st Feb 2007, 13:18

To commenter 00:51.

A Caterham? Your joking right? As a dedicated track car I'm sure it's wonderful on the auto cross course, but for a daily driver? And the Elise maybe on of the best handling road cars available, but it just slightly larger then a hotwheels car. A grown man looks ridiculous driving these insect like cars with their awful colour palate.

A Corvette is an excellent vehicle that works well on the track and driven everyday through rush hour traffic. It may not be the sophisticated vehicle, but it does wonders at a price that wouldn't buy you an empty shell of an Italian exotic.

14th Mar 2007, 03:01

Interesting to see the comments on EVO vs Vette. Both are excellent cars and suit different people.

In terms of handling, you would be very surprised by the results of the Top Gear Power Laps. For those who don't know, these are laps driven by the same professional driver around the same track, but in different cars, hence provides a very good comparison. See the full list at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mj59/features/powerlaps

What you will see on that list is that the Z06 lapped the track in 1.22.4, some 7 places ahead of the EVO FQ400, which turned in a time of 1.24.8. This provides some fairly sound proof that the Vette' indeed does handle, beating other cars such as the M3 CSL, Zonda, Murcielago and Lotus Exige, and only a whisker behind the Porsche GT3 RS.

And no, I'm not an American or British.

14th Mar 2007, 13:32

'What you will see on that list is that the Z06 lapped the track in 1.22.4, some 7 places ahead of the EVO FQ400 which turned in a time of 1.24.8.'

True, but the FQ400 came off its turbo on 'The Hammerhead', which probably cost it 2-3 seconds at least. I suspect this may have been deliberately done just to prove how much turbo lag there is and the lack of power when off the turbo.

And yes, the ZO6 was very quick round the track, but most owners for the majority of the time are going to be driving it on public roads which is not going to be particularly fun considering the shocking suspension set-up.

15th Mar 2007, 03:45

To the previous poster, I would strongly contest the suggestion that the Stig does anything other than drive his best out on the track in every car. If you have watched episodes of the show you would realise that the TG team certainly do NOT favour American cars over others - to the contrary, I would suggest they do everything they can to slag them, therefore saying there was bias against the EVO is incorrect.

Of course you could argue forever regarding nuances, but at the end of the day, a professional driver drove both cars to their extreme and the Vette' was faster. If the 'turbo came off' or whatever is of no consequence - if a professional driver can't get it to perform better then I don't see how anyone else would achieve a different result.

My post was put in place precisely because people were arguing that the Vette' can't handle. This has been proved wrong. The debate wasn't about everyday driving, although I am sure the suspension of the EVO isn't exactly like driving on a cushion of air.

End of argument.

22nd Mar 2007, 13:34

To my knowledge, the FQ400 was driven on the track that I thought was wet as well!

I've been to track days at many British tracks, and have seen everything from the Corvette to a Viper go round, and can honestly say that the brute force of an American muscle car is fantastic, but as an overall package the Evo suits me! My FQ340 will happily swallow luggage and be as civilised as any normal car, and then at any time I can unleash the mental performance (which I prefer)!

Not everything is about out-right performance, but the overall package of the Evo in my opinion is truly great!

Not many cars can swallow luggage and have adequate space for 2 adults in the back, and then can propel themselves from rest to 60 in under 5 seconds!

All this for 22 grand!


26th Mar 2007, 14:05

Gents, I have your solution.

Forget the Vette, designed in the grand old USA when they simply have no idea what bends are!...

Evo.. awesome around corners... but if you want to get some major performance that beats both, and is easily proven to be a very quick track car and something that can be driven every day to work... BMW M3 SMG!

(I also have an FQ300 for weekend fun)

26th Mar 2007, 16:39

"Not everything is about out-right performance, but the overall package of the Evo in my opinion is truly great!"

Unfortunately for your point, outright performance is what this whole conversation has been about.

27th Mar 2007, 05:57

Err, I think the topic was 'Best car for under $60,000', so everything from performance to the size of the glove compartment should be taken into account. Without buying a supercar, the Corvette is about as good as it gets performance wise, but in terms of practicality & everyday living, it falls well behind the Evo.

27th Mar 2007, 09:46

That's my point! As an everyday car the EVO is truly great. I drive it quite hard (not all the time) and it truly great fun. My wife's Golf went in for repairs and I reluctantly lent her my 340 for a few day's, and the only complaint I got was for the harsh ride.

It happily took me and the family on a long drive to France and back and then the next weekend I took it around Brand's Hatch.

Its truely a great machine (in my opinion)!

I'm not slating the Corvette as its probably awesome in the states, but over here in the UK, the EVO is the car to have for all round performance and it's great to live with (except the servicing of course and running costs!!!)

Don't get me wrong because I'm a die-hard car nut, if I was in the states I would be swayed into the Corvette, but as I'm a Brit, then the EVO is the most logical solution for me.

11th Aug 2007, 19:55

Can't dispute the Vette, it's one of the best looking cars ever for the price. However, the EVO is AWD and is built to manhandle sharp turns. And in Britain, you can get the FQ400 which gets you 400 horses from a 2L engine. When the road is wet or covered with snow, the Crovette is almost useless just ask any owner.

20th Nov 2009, 13:36

To mr. 14th Mar 2007, 03:01.

Maybe perhaps the Corvette caught up in the straights?? It's a big engine let's not forget... my idea is... the Corvette doesn't give you 4 doors, 5 seats, big boot, the Evo costs less.. so spend less than the difference between them on the Evo, get it too about 450-500 and everyone is happy... you can have the power of the Corvette, and that's all you need because as a package, the Evo is quite complete.

As for looks, yes the Corvette is absolutely stunning.. but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. (not just saying that because I adore the Evo) I think the Corvette is better looking than any Ferrari (overrated) especially where I'm from.. I think there might be two Corvettes in the whole country... they are considered exotics... it's just my 2 cents...