1990 Mitsubishi Magna GLX Astron2 2.6L carb from Australia and New Zealand


Affordable, yet overlooked


Only until last month did things really start to go askew.

-electronic idle controller broken, stopping for any reason is a juggling act of cluth and acceleration to keep the revs up.

-welsh plug blew out at 180000km, because it was corroded, but a new placement and it was right to go again.

-head gasket replaced also at this time and new hoses were fitted all round as a precautionary measure. A mandatory move for any aging vehicle.

-Engine timing went briefly askew, making the engine idle at 5000rpm, however, on the trip to the local mechanic the very next day, it ceased mysteriously.

-The fuel gage is misleading, showing barely over half a tank when full.

-Something must be done about that drinking straw of an exhaust system, surely some extractors would improve performance and let the engine breath easier.

General Comments:

I was unperturbed when purchasing this base, white sedan, but it's proven to be a faithful mode of transport in the last two years, and upon realizing its unusaul enthusiast following, I'm able to see what a great package it really is. This one was built December 1990 and released as the 1991 model, which pretty much makes it one of the last TP model. The ride inside is so quiet and makes for a great audio environment. I've recently installed a pioneer head unit with four matching speakers and it's the best musical experience I've had on wheels.

The seats are quite tolerable over long distances and passengers often comment on the comfort. In my eyes, these cars cannot avoid becoming future classics. When cleaned right up, they are a visual treat. I don't even mind the stock rims with wheel covers, it gives it that basic no-frills edge. I most likely think that now because I don't have alloys for it, but all in good time. I think the next automotive investment will definantly be an elite of the same model.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2003

1990 Mitsubishi Magna Executive 2.6 EFI from Australia and New Zealand


Spacious and competent, but no driver's car


Transmission failed at about 140000km (a known problem with these cars).

Unknown fault with fuel system causing the car to run on three cylinders. Fixed itself after two weeks never to occur again!

Left rear tail light kept blowing. Couldn't find the problem. I have seen dozens of Magnas with the same light out.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, smooth and quiet.

Fuel economy is reasonable if driven with respect, but horrible when thrashed.

Acceleration is mediocre and there's a fair bit of body roll in corners. Brakes are quite good.

Bought this car for it's combination of price (cheap at the time) and interior space - wagon has enormous carrying capacity.

Exceptionally reliable except for the tranny. Longevity of interior trim and paint impressive.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2003

12th Nov 2004, 01:04

I just bought a 1992 TP Magna Executive Wagon. When I first drove it, it was fine, then after RWC, it kept stalling and bunny-hopping when slowing and reversing. My Dad says the oil in Magnas are very touchy and that could be causing the problem. I really hope its that simple. It has no rust and great interior size-wise. With two kids, the space is a huge asset.

1990 Mitsubishi Magna Elite 2.6 fuel injected from Australia and New Zealand


Value for money and reliable


Timing chain replaced at 115000 kms and at 205000 kms.

Alternator replaced once.

Both CV joints replaced twice in 12 years.

Battery life seems to be below average as it only lasts about 2 years.

General Comments:

The TP Magna elite is a fantastic car. I have nothing, but praise as apart from general maintenance and usual wear and tear repairs the Magna is a very good and reliable car.

In the past 12 years nothing major apart from the timing chain has gone wrong even the auto transmission is still the original one.

I do service the car at intervals of 10000 kms and have been since I had it.

The 2.6 fuel injected motor goes hard enough for what it is, the interior is superbly built for comfort and ease of use of controls.

The Magna is very quite to travel in, all the electrics work without fail and the fuel economy on country roads is very pleasing. I average 600 to 700 kms per tank of fuel. City driving is a bit harder on the pocket, but at around 450 kms per tank I'm not complaining.

This is our second Magna and in the next few years we will have no hesitations on purchasing a later model Magna.

There are good and bad points to every make and model of car, depending on what an individual is prepared to accept the Magna in my opinion and past experience is fantastic value for money, very relible and still dosen't look way out of date in design both interior and exterior wise.

I have no hesitations whatsoever in recommending the TP Magna to anyone as I feel I am qualified to make this comment after owning one for the past 12 years.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2003

16th Nov 2005, 05:00

Yes great car the elites I have owned three and know own the last model of the elites the Tr. It seems that until you drive a magna you really don't under stand how good they are..