2002 Mitsubishi Magna Ralliart 3.5 V6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Very good performance car at a great price


Only had the car for 1000 kilometres.

Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

This is my third Magna. All have been great and reliable cars.

Great performance from the extra power over the standard Magna. The torque steer is not too bad.

Handling is good from the lowered suspension and wider tyres. Need to be a little careful of understeer under power.

The body kit takes some getting used to.

I do find it difficult to get a comfortable relationship between the seat, steering wheel and pedals.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2009

2002 Mitsubishi Magna Executive 3.5L from Australia and New Zealand


Wouldn't buy another one of these!


Battery died - not the car's fault.

Engine burning oil - the car requires a major engine overhaul replacing piston rings etc, valve stem seals already replaced, but the problem is still there. The cost is $2,500 (I'm glad it's a company car). Very disappointed as the car was bought with a full service history (ex rep car), and I also had an RACV check.

General Comments:

Usually these cars go forever; however buyers beware to get receipts for servicing to prove it's actually been carried out.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2007

9th Feb 2010, 07:32

I got Magna Xi 3.5L in 2005. It was a used one. There is no problem with the engine nor electric parts yet, just minor things. Only thing is the gear valve body that is the pain in the... Even after the overhaul, the problem is still there. Replacing it in Kuwait costs 1500 USD, which is roughly half the price of a used 2002 Magna.

26th Sep 2014, 12:59

I've owned a TJ 3.5 V6 exec for 12 years now. Had it converted to gas with the IMPCO system. It's been a great car to own and it's almost now 250000Ks on the clock... I got it at 21000Ks!

Only recently (last 20000K) did I get a couple of minor oil leaks... fixed simply at my local mechanic and I've had a minor gas seal issue, which was a simple fix by a mechanic who helped me out at short notice (but he did have the car for the day due to his workload).

Repairs have cost less than $500 on the above issues!

Only costs have been a new set of front rotors and pads, plus tyres (on my 4th set now), plus the usual regular service fees, which are according to the handbook. Oh, and a new timing chain and plugs as recommended by the handbook too.

Other than bird poo stuffing up some of the paintwork lately... she's a beauty! Still purrs on the highway and gives absolutely no trouble... starts first time every time!

Considering an updated car... only because I feel like a change, but it seems a shame as it still gives me no trouble at all.

So as for the comment of the bloke with all the troubles above. I reckon the 'company car' had been thrashed from day 1. No wonder he hated his!!

I love mine... just tired of it now and seeking a change.

2002 Mitsubishi Magna TJ 3.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Good value, but small problems need to be sorted out.


Nothing has specifically gone wrong, but the car does not feel robust.

There is a 'clunking' in the drivers seat at the level of the lumbar support. It seems to 'clunk' when cornering.

The transmission does not change very cleanly from 1-2. Topping up the transmission fluid improved the problem, but it is still there.

The radio has a buzzing noise which increases in intensity with the engine revs.

The car is not very economical, recording fuel consumption of around 13 litres/100 km around town - which is a fair bit higher than all reports I have read to date.

The car idles very roughly which I understand is unusual, though I have been advised by a Mitsubishi dealer that the 3.5 litre V6 does not idle very smoothly.

General Comments:

Seat height is very low. I would prefer a higher position, or greater range of adjustment.

Reach to the steering wheel feels to be far away. Adjustment for reach would be nice.

Wipers do not have an option for a 'single wipe'. The lever must be moved to 'on' and back to 'off'.

The car is still under new car warranty and I am hoping that all problems identified to date will be fixed.

Split fold rear seats would have been a good option.

The options fitted are great value in comparison with Ford, Holden and Toyota. The latter two are markedly higher in price, though I suppose this is recovered to a certain extent in re-sale.

The car feels good overall, but needs a few things fixed before I can start to rave about it to my friends.

The car looks good with aftermarket wheels (standard 15") and a rear spoiler.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2004

15th Dec 2004, 10:52

I don't think your dealer is right. Magna's (especially the newer models) generally have excellent idle quality and as a car, they are noted for above average NVH characteristics. I have a TJ sports (tiptronic 5sp) and it is hard to even tell if the engine is running whilst idling. Also, V6's are inherently stable with a 60degree angle between banks (such as in the Magna's power-plant). As for fuel consumption, I get about 11.5-12L/100km around town with fairly liberal throttle usage. So maybe you have some sort of engine fault? Tackle your dealer a bit more and see if you get anywhere.