14th Aug 2002, 10:47

It's nice to see I'm not the only one that cops flak for owning a Magna. In this case a 1988 TN SE wagon (see my review dated Aug 4th) A friend of mine has a 1989 VN Commodore (boo, hiss) and its falling to bits. Plastic trim, door seals, window winders, the heater control snapped, front grille falling off, etc. Yet he gives me flak for owning a Magna. It's true a Commodore would leave me for dead in the acceleration game, but nothings falling off the Magna (yet). I'm presently considering extractors for the Magna as my exhaust manifold has cracked which is a common fault so I'm told. I'm not complaining the cars done 274.000km!!

Magnas Rule!!

27th Nov 2002, 06:33

I have been reading all about the Mitsubishi Magna and have owned one now for 18 months. I find that all four doors are now rusting and the drivers door is by far the worst. Apart from a few minor repairs that you expect in a car this age, it runs fine. I have been having trouble finding out the type of gas that is used in the air-conditioning unit, as this is not working. I own a 1989 Magna and it now has 138000 klms on the clock. It's an automatic and I had been told that the type of gas that it uses is written on the cylinder. Unfortunately on mine its worn off somehow, so it leaves me in a quandary as I don't know what to fill it with so it works. I am hoping someone on this page can help with this problem. Yes I am female and would like some advice. Does anyone know??


10th Dec 2002, 14:05

The type of gas used in the air conditioning system of early (TM-TP) Magnas was R12. R12 is no longer available, however you can use ER12 in an old R12 air conditioning system.

It's MUCH cheaper to use ER12 than it is to get the whole system retrofitted to accept R134a. Most reputable mechanics/auto electricians/car air conditioning places should have ER12 available, although some will still insist that ER12 is 'dangerous' (because it's a hydrocarbon... long story) and will insist on charging you AUD$500 to retrofit an R134a system rather than charge you less than AUD$100 to fill the current R12 system with ER12.

Hope that helps.

13th Jun 2003, 22:28

TP manual carby wagon:

Still going strong and I should be hitting the 300,000 within the next month. I just replaced the timing chain because I had the funds and it was hadn't stopped ratting since I got it.

It's been a great first car and absolute champion at covering distances. Four wheel disks are a bonus over most local cars of that generation. I will just have to replace the brake pads after the drivers rear had the handbrake seize. It pulls to the side when dropping back down to the speed limit.

There is plenty of space and I (6'8") can still hop in the back with the front seats all the way back. I can't say I ever want a sedan after having this car. Could definitely use a bit more power, the body roll is a product of the smooth ride over most grounds so I accept the compromise.

It's good to see so many other positive experiences.

22nd Nov 2004, 01:38

Just though I would say that I was going to buy a Berlina or fairmont, but as said above I was sick of the whole holden/ford thing so I decided on a 2001 KJ Verada 3.5 and it's the best car I've had so far. cheers,

11th Oct 2005, 00:57

Very informative, entertaining aswell! Just came to check the problems on the 87 magnas as there is one for sale at $650. Thanks for giving me some problems to check before purchase, has been helpful. Thankyou again.

9th Apr 2006, 19:57

I am the owner of a carburettor/auto SE Magna, and I want to replace the front speakers with something that doesn't sound like a popcorn maker in a tornado. the problem I have is that I cannot figure out how to get to the speakers, do I have to remove the whole dashboard?