17th Dec 2011, 04:26

I agree. I have mainly had Fords, and Volvos, but with death of our beloved Volvo 760GLE, we needed a replacement, and a car dealer friend, yes they do have friends, he sold us an absolutely mint TJ Magna. It is only the Executive, and I would like a Verada, but this is clean, and with only 87,000kms, it is just like new. I must admit that these cars are underrated. Should have looked into them sooner.

Jim WA.

17th Dec 2011, 04:29

My friend had an earlier model, like 1996. He ran a commercial cleaning biz, and towed a trailer with cleaning gear in it including a carpet shampoo machine. Over 6 years, he got over 600,000 kms out of it for only the cost of one clutch and a replacement gearbox.

Pretty good eh?

17th Dec 2011, 04:31

From what I have gleaned from speaking to several owners, these cars are way underrated. All speak highly of them.

Jim WA.

17th Dec 2011, 04:41

It looks as if you have had a good run.

Here in WA, we are blessed in having a superb wheel and suspension company, which I have used for nearly 30 years now. They solved my front end problems when I was running Valiants, and since then I get them to do all my cars. Wonderful people.

See WA Suspensions...

17th Dec 2011, 04:44

We just bought one. Wish I had taken more notice of them before!!

Jim WA.

17th Dec 2011, 04:46

I totally agree with your comments.

Jim WA.

14th Jan 2012, 16:40

I agree with your comment wholeheartedly, I got my car new in 2002, and have never ever had a problem. Just the usual service. It is a dream car to drive.

10th Jan 2013, 22:14

I totally agree, just brought a 2001 Si Magna, in mint condition. It has 225km's on it, but drives so well. "Love this car!"

21st Aug 2015, 18:10

Hi, I have a Magna 2001 Executive, and just purchased Verada head lights, but I'm having few problems with wiring them in. Can anyone help please?

28th Nov 2015, 09:47

Could possibly be the hydraulic tappets if the noise is only there sometimes. These will especially rattle at cold start. Lift your bonnet first start of the day and listen to see if the rattle sounds seem to be coming from under the tappet covers.

28th Nov 2015, 10:12

Possibly you are touching the glass of the globes with your fingers, and the oil from your fingers on the glass section causes the globe/glass to fail when the globe is used/heats up when headlights are used (do not touch the glass section). This is especially important with halogen globes, or get a tissue and wipe the glass clean.

30th Dec 2016, 02:29

ALWAYS drive in "D" (Drive) Gear - this will allow the gearbox to 'choose' which gear to shift up (or down) to, depending on your pedal response.