13th Jan 2005, 15:29

Sorry Guys. But I am agree with all this problem, I have the exactly same problem on my 2001, I bought it with 80,000 km., rattle noise sound to be better after changed timming belt,

29th Mar 2005, 05:22

I've had my 2001 Magna for 6 months now, done my k's then mentioned, and have had no rattling noises, the doors sound fine and overall a fantastic car!!

3rd Apr 2005, 06:58

Sounds like you may have got a lemon of a car on this occasion - unfortunate.

23rd Jul 2005, 03:38

Sounds like you better return your car to Mitsubishi mate, I got a 2001 magna and it drives like a dream. Never had one single problem with the car in 4 years. Only goes to mechanic when needs service.

19th Mar 2006, 18:49

I just bought a 2001 V6 Si a few days ago and so far, I really love the car. That's a compliment coming from me, who never even considered getting a Magna and referred to Magna drivers as "dick heads" :)

Coming from a 96 EF Falcon, I must say the Magna craps all over the Ford in every way. Even though it's got a smaller Engine (3.5l vs. 4.0l), it runs so much smoother and is so much more responsive. Even without flooring it, it accelerates very nicely. It runs very stable and the brakes are solid as, not fading like the Falcon's (a lot of fun when driving down a mountain road).

It's a spacious car with a lot of comfort and thanks to the cruise control, I can now do long distance driving again without getting cramps in my right foot :)

So far, there's only two things I'm not too happy with. The first is the rear spoiler that limits the rear view a bit and the frame less windows. I drive a lot with the window down, which is much nicer with weather shields... try to mount these onto a frame less window :)

Apart from that, I can only admit that it is a great car and a lot of fun to drive. Let's see what I think in 6 months time...

22nd Aug 2006, 05:59

I am the proud owner of a 2000 Magna Solara with had 82000kms when I bought it. The only problem I've had is the muffler sounded a bit rough on cold starts, so I had a redback sports muffler fitted and it sounds and goes excellent. It sounds fantastic and a lot quicker.

17th Jul 2007, 02:52

I just wrote my Magna off in a roll over. The Magna saved my life. Until that point I never had any of the issues mentioned, and I totally intend to buy another one.

26th Aug 2007, 16:52

I have just brought a 2001 TJ Magna with 80000 kays in perfect condition. I was also once one of those clowns who referred to magna owners as dickheads as I was driving along in my disintegrating Commodore. This will be my third Magna now, and I expect it will last a long time. Talk about underrated.

24th Apr 2008, 08:22

My dad just bought a 2001 TJ Magna, and let me just say nothing's beating him yet. He's smashed V8s, and to people who think not, then race one with a good driver and you will get creamed.

19th Apr 2009, 04:01

I just got a 2001 Verada with 110.000km. The car is perfect apart from engine noise when it's hot. It just had the belt changed 2000km ago.

27th Dec 2010, 23:54

I have a 2001 Magna, I love it!!! No trouble at all, I have it serviced regular, I am the second owner of this little beauty, and I certainly would buy another one. In saying all of this, I do have a problem, there is a noise that seems to be coming from the motor, sounds like a rattle, I have had big end bearings changed, and the mechanic thinks I might have to rebuild the motor. But I have owned a few cars, and most of them, if the problem was a serious one, or serious enough to warrant getting taken to the shop, they would cough and splutter, or run really crappy in general. So if anyone has an idea, please help/\.

25th Jan 2011, 09:48

I have owned a 2001 Magna Exec 3.5L for 7 years. Purchased when teh clock showed 35,000 kms and now it has 140,000 kms. Previous owner was a QLD gold coast hire car company.

It's the best vehicle I have ever owned in my life - now 65 yo and a delight to drive - smooth and economical still (sits on 110 KPH all day on long cruise and uses 7litres per 100kms with A/C on full). Around Perth WA however it varies from 10L/100KM upwards depending on conditions. Analogue fuel gauge kaput for 6 years, but the computer is very accurate so I have never fixed it.

Original writer certainly got a bleedin' lemon. Mitsubshi stopped making it because it never breaks down.

19th May 2011, 10:22

I have this car for a daily commuter. The car runs well, good at high speed over long distance, these cars were never made for performance though so are sluggish compared to most Falcons or Commodores. Spacey cabin, have now done 97000 kms since I got her (188000 total). Only services and a radiator change.

25th Sep 2011, 12:17

Hi, I just got a Mitsubishi TJ Exec 3.5. I have never owned one before. The thing is, I got told not to drive in D as it was like an overdrive, and that around town to only use 3rd, as the gear ratio in the changing is shorter, whereas in the D selection, it is a longer ratio between changes. Can I ask what is best?

1st Oct 2011, 23:38

I'm the original reviewer, and thought I'd provide an update, given I still own the car. In hindsight perhaps I was a little harsh, but I stand by my comments.

The car has never broken down, but left me stranded 3 times due to flat batteries (not the fault of the car though).

Aside from those inconveniences, it's been pretty much trouble free.

Wheel alignment was still an issue until I took it to Pedders. Don't ever take your car to Jax - they are hopeless.

The steering is still poor, but I am used to it. Lacks feel - almost disconnected at freeway speeds. It's a Magna trait for this series as they beefed up the steering rack in the TL-onwards. I have driven a 380, and the steering was beautiful, so I'm not imagining things.

Dash rattles were rectified by reassembling the dash trim pieces with dried baby wipes acting as buffers between the plastic surfaces, thereby eradicating the rattles and squeaks.

Also added Dynamat sound deadening to the doors and rear parcel shelf, which quietened down the car significantly and added a 'thump' to the doors when closed. Stereo acoustics also improved.

All of the electrics, except the remote central locking, work perfectly. The remote central locking works intermittently but using the key to lock/unlock the car works fine. The remote boot release has always worked. It does like to chew through headlight globes for some reason.

Paint is good, no fading or anything like that, although it is garaged at home.

It's almost hit 300,000km now (I bought it with 28,000km in April 2003) and it's been a trooper of a car. Things replaced:

Front and rear shocks (1 year ago and a few weeks ago respectively). It now rides and handles much better.

Tyres obviously. Onto the 3rd set, and this set been on since October 2009.

Windscreen in 2007.

Rear antenna - something feral bent it.

Rear muffler - nothing wrong with it, but replaced it with a Lukey sports muffler. Goes a little better, and fuel economy improved slightly.

TW VRX head unit.

KJ Verada tail lights.

TJ VRX wheels.

Spark plugs/leads/oil and filters etc as expected.