25th May 2004, 23:11

I just check through Redbook, and the Ralliart (not VRX, as that is the model this previous person was talking about) has a higher power output than the VRX. The Ralliart has peak power output of 180kW, not 163kW. So the kerb weight of the 2002 Ralliart (from www.redbook.com.au) is 1470kg, giving it a power/weight ratio of 8.17 kg/kW compared to a 2002 WRX (160kW/1390kg (kerb weight); again from Redbook) of 8.69kg/kW. But what the Ralliart lacks is AWD and the shorter wheelbase, which is where the WRX kicks its behind. Just my thoughts on the subject.

7th Jul 2004, 08:32

The second comment is quite correct and I do apologise for the first comment I made. I'd just read another review that was for a VR-X and got a bit mixed up. (I'd still prefer the WRX.)

13th Jul 2004, 22:02

In regards to the reviewers comment that his Raliart isn't the same as a WRX, Commo or Falcon, I'd just like to confirm this is correct. They are in fact completely different cars. They look different, and have different names.

19th Jun 2006, 05:39

I am the proud owner of a Ralliart Magna, and I can tell you I have had street runs with 3 WRX's, one of them I ran 3 times. The first time,I wasn't ready and still beat him, the second time I beat him by a good car length, and the third time I let him go before me and still over took and beat him.

All this was done in 0-100km/h in a 100km/h zone on a dual lane highway. He was driving a 2005 WRX manual, I have a 2002 5 speed tip-tronic auto. We are now good friends by the way, and both enjoy our cars too.

24th Jun 2006, 05:08

We all have stories about how our particular car whipped the behind of something else (usually a WRX or SS Commodore). Ever wonder why there are more WRXs racing than Magnas? It's because the Magna in any form is ultimately compromised by it chassis, drivetrain and quite possibly Mitsubishi's lack of funds and market share. The Ralliart Magna is a good car, but my stock Forester XT will comfortably give it a whipping- and has done on several occasions- in a straight line and around corners. That said, my beloved XT got its own butt kicked by a nasty, loud, OLD VW Beetle yesterday. The shame of it...

30th Nov 2007, 01:47

I've driven a WRX, SS, VE Clubsports, XR6, XR8, WRX STi, Evo 9, Magna Ralliart, Magna VRX, you name it, I've driven all...

In a straight line, the Ralliart will kick the WRX, SS, XR6, XR8, for real. I know this because I have a WRX and my girlfriend has a Ralliart. It's sad but true. The rest of the cars are from friends at work.

Even in corners the Ralliart will whip the SS, VE Clubby, XR6, XR8, but on line with my WRX.

Drive a Ralliart and you know what I'm talking about.

The most impressive car I've driven has to be an Evo 9. I'm telling you it's awesome, you won't believe the power, we were going round corners doing 200k, honestly a WRX R is nothing compared to an Evo 9, Magna Ralliart, or WRX STi. I would trade my car for one of these babies, but honestly can you afford petrol for one of those.

30th Jul 2014, 04:42

My view here is - Comparing a locally made FWD NA 6 performance large car vs a mid size JDM made performance AWD turbocharged 4 is a different category, as the Ralliart Magna's original competition was other Australian made large performance cars, which were all RWD at the time, for grabbing its market share.

Its main advantage here was weight at 1470kg in comparison to 1600kg+ RWD rivals, although it was not as light as the 2000 TJ Magna Sport at 1430kg - they were the lightest cars in the large car performance class back then. Less weight improves all aspects of a car's performance.

Even compared to the weight of current Australian made FWD cars like the 200kw Aurion at 1600kg or its replacement - the 380 at 1620kg - 1680kg depending on trim, its weight is impressive for a large car with its FWD performance set up.

The TJ series Ralliart/Sport/VRX Magna series in FWD form were the fastest locally made NA 6s at the time, but proved faster than certain forced induction 6s & NA V8 models the competition offered back then in its class.