1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max SWB 2.0 from North America


Unbelievable, simply amazing!


Purchased truck from dealer for $1.00. It was a trade in and due to be taken to the scrap yard. I had the dealer do a full tune-up and service (oil and transmision change) and the body and interior detailed.

Spark plugs foul out every 3,000 miles.

General Comments:

This has been the best automobile I have ever purchased!

This truck handles great on the highways as well as in-town.

The local Mitsubishi dealer has told me that with proper maintenance, the truck could go another 100,000 miles.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2003

13th Jan 2005, 16:04

Try getting some NGK plugs or Nipendenzos or even go the the dealer.

1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 2.0 from North America


Reliable and sturdy


Catalytic converter decaying at 97000 miles.

Secondary Air System pipe that connects to catalytic converter had a hole in it at 97000 miles.

Front main oil seal blew at 107000 miles.

Pitman arm replaced at 112000 miles.

Throw out bearings for clutch went out at 125000 miles, but the clutch and other components were in excellent condition.

Secondary on carburetor stop functioning at 125000 miles.

Fuel Pump started leaking at 140000 miles.

At approximately 100000 miles my seat started tearing up and the driver side seat belt won't work properly. Still not repaired.

At approximately 100000 miles something in my vacuum system went down, still can't locate problem.

General Comments:

My truck has been an excellent source of transportation, very reliable and trustworthy. My main problem with the truck is finding a real technician to work on it when a problem does arrive. The dealership in this area cannot work on my truck, because their technical standards are too low, so when a problem does arrive, it takes me a long time to fix it, and the problem usually turns out to be less than expensive.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003

1st Oct 2008, 19:26

The vacuum system problem can be fixed by simple trial and error. Take off vacuum lines one at a time, and test them one at a time, then you can find out the exact thing that is wrong. I had to completely gut out the catalytic converter and attach it back to the exhaust system. I also had to replace the fuel pump and then clean out the carburetor on top of that. The very last thing I had to do was take down the oil pan and put a new gasket on that, because I had a major oil leak. That actually stopped most of it then.

There is a bolt that holds the alternator bracket to the water pump, which actual busted into the block. Unfortunately that had to be drilled all the way through to put a new bolt on. And the alternator bracket had completely busted in half, so I had to stitch weld that together, which failed altogether, so in turn I had to fabricate a whole new bracket up. Hope the suggestion about the vacuum system works.

1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 2.0L 2bbl from North America


A great student buy


128,000: Replaced passenger tire rods and shocks, because the tires kept blowing out.

It keeps corroding out spark-plugs, 131,000 miles - Present.

145,000: Starter sized up, hard to reach the position on the engine block.

147,000: Rear brakes went out (a cheap fix).

General Comments:

The seats are uncomfortable, but easy to get used to.

It's not too quick at accelerating, but it can tow quite well for a pickup.

Miles to the gallon is 19.8, this could be higher if the cracked vacuum hoses were changed out.

Not much room behind the seat for stowage.

Sturdy ride and smooth operation.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2002

8th Jun 2004, 05:37

The vehicle was finally sold at 175,000 miles in good running condition, and have recently bought it's 85 dodge d-50 counter part.