1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 2.0 from North America


Best thing to happen to this earth


When I got it, did a full tune up; plugs, wires cap and rotor at 120000.

Water pump blew at 160500.

Broke a exhaust stud at 165000.

General Comments:

Very forgiving first car, learned how to drive a stick in it.

I drive it to school about 10 miles each way, but have also done 300+ trips, and it has no problems.

No power steering makes it hard when full loaded at low speeds.

Handles surprisingly well on dirt and on trails.

It has never let me down, even when the water pump blew; I got a few buckets of water and kept filling it till I got home from a 20+ mile drive.

Cabin a little small, and the motor could use more power.

Easy to work on.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2010

1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Macro Cab from North America


I love this truck and hope it lives forever


- Head gasket just blew, at 89K miles.

- Drive line wear-and-tear required replacement 89K miles.

- Water pump replaced at 89K miles (was still original)

- I think I've also replaced the radiator (don't have records in front of me) in last 5 years.

- c. 2005-2007, had to replace the clutch and timing belt.

- Only other things I've had to replace were belts and such that were simply old.

- I'm very worried about AC future--> It's the old kind and no one makes anymore. Luckily, I live in Seattle, where I don't have to use it too much, but I'm a wimp.

General Comments:

- This has been a great vehicle. I love sitting up just that much higher on the road.

- I got this truck from my parents in 1998. It was a summer vehicle for them, hence the low mileage. I sold my 1996 Jetta and kept the truck because it was more fun to drive.

- I've had several offers from people on the street to buy this truck. The word is out on how hard-working this type of little truck is.

- Truck came with a canopy. It makes this vehicle exceptionally useful.

- Only reason I'd get a new car is to increase MPG (only gets 20-22 hwy), safety (no air bags), and modern convenience (power this and that). But the thought of no car payment and only 89K miles makes me want to ride this baby till she dies.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2008

1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max SPX 2.6 gas from North America


This thing will run forever


Routine stuff. Overheated it once and had to replace the cylinder head. 3 clutches, 6 sets of tires. Couple of A/C repairs. 5 Batteries. Balance shaft chain broke at 260K. 3 water pumps. Exhaust manifold. Bunch of minor type stuff I can't remember.

General Comments:

I bought this truck brand new as a demonstrator in 1988, and I still own it and use it as my primary transportation at 277,000 miles. I am one of the few original owners left of one of these trucks. It is affectionately named Old Reliable. The 2.0s were not real good engines, but the 2.6 is another story, and legendary in their reliability. It has never let me down, except when the balance shaft chain broke. With the proper care, these things will run forever, no exaggeration there whatsoever. The list of original parts still on the truck is amazing, including the carburetor, ball joints, alternator, and exhaust. No telling how long it will continue to run, I've quit speculating. Since I live in a salt free environment, the body is still solid, with original paint. I'll eventually replace it, but I'll keep it as a second vehicle. When my son was born, I joked I would pass it along to him. Now he is 12, and that may turn out to be true, LOL. Old school style reliability. When stuff wears out, fix it right and keep going.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2007

29th May 2007, 07:38

Compared to my 1983 MB 300D this car is pretty bad. At 438,000 miles the engine/transmission hasn't even been touched. Besides batteries, tyres, brakes I've changed rear muffler, front dampers, lower joints and suspension rubber that was sagging/rotting. And I did a $20 overhaul of the alternator since this unit easily can be overhauled by anyone. I've spent less than $1000 in repairs on this car the last 19 years since I bought it second hand. Previous owner replaced nothing on this car. Can anyone beat this?

The car has non functioning AC, don't bother to refill/fix. Othervise this car is 100%.

2nd Jul 2009, 15:48

Nice. Is the Mighty Max the same as SPX? My dad has the 1987 4x4 SPX truck and he hasn't taken good care of it. He meant to hand it down to me once I reach 16. Never did, now it's 2009; I'm 26 years old and it's sitting at my mom's house, collecting dust because it needs new carburetor and other parts. Yet can't find any. I know that this truck is rare since they were only 500 of them at the time, 1985. I am wondering if there is a way to fix the truck and get it to run smoothly...

21st Oct 2017, 13:43

You're comparing a diesel luxury sedan to an economy gasoline pickup?

PINEAPPLES and oranges, dude! How about we limit these comments/reviews to something useful?