1998 Mitsubishi Mirage Mivec Cyborg ZR 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Great spec, reliable and nippy


Rear outer lower control arm bush fell apart and needed to be changed badly.

T.P.S. (throttle position sensor) needed to be adjusted as it bogged down slightly when I floored it.

The rear wiper motor has stopped working.

It needed a good service, and drop links and ARB bushes needed to be changed, but that's all just expected wear and tear.

Aftermarket Powerflow catback exhaust broke just over the axle, so I had it repaired, but I will be changing it for a factory standard exhaust system, as I don't particularly like loud exhausts.

General Comments:

I absolutely love the look of these cars, and the driving position is good with great support from the factory Recaro interior, and I love the feel of the Momo steering wheel.

These cars are very well spec'd with A/C, electric windows, central locking, electric mirrors, digital climate control, Recaro seats and Momo steering as standard.

The handling is pretty good in standard form, but with some uprated shocks and lowering springs, and the addition of front and rear strut braces, it's a whole different ball game.

Brakes are decent, but I think I will invest in some better pads soon.

Performance wise they are pretty nippy, especially over 5200 RPM once Mivec engages, but even low down I find it very torquey, probably due to the Powerflow exhaust, as I can happily cruise along at 40km/h in 5th with no judder or jumping.

MPG is decent, but I was expecting a bit more to be honest. I can manage high 30s on long drives, and low 30s around town, with an average of about 35 with mixed driving.

My previous car was a Toyota Starlet Turbo with a few subtle mods like exhaust, air filter and intercooler, and the boost raised slightly, and performance wise the Mivec wouldn't come close, and I could manage the same MPG with the Starlet, but with lower road tax and the same insurance.

All in all, I like the car, especially the interior and exterior, but performance wise it's OK; I'd prefer my Starlet any day.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2014

1998 Mitsubishi Mirage DE Coupe 1.5 from North America


Good, basic, inexpensive transportation


Cracked exhaust manifold.

Intermittent WS wipers.

General Comments:

Great handling when I upgraded to 14" tires. No abnormal tire wear problems.

41 MPG in the summer (38-39 in the Montana winters).

Has survived three deer hits, and keeps on running.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2012

29th Aug 2012, 15:02

Wow, it sounds like your Mirage is giving you great service.

Back when I was a teenager (a LONG time ago), if you bought a car nearing 100,000 miles, the car would have been considered to be nearing the end of it shelf-life. But nowadays 95,000 miles is nothing. Sounds like your Mirage will easily give you 250,000-300,000 miles.

1998 Mitsubishi Mirage DE Coupe 1.5 Liter from North America


Affordable and dependable, but will never turn heads


Front were blown at 52k when purchased.

Fan stopped running at around 80k, but my dad fixed it easily. Nothing major at all.. original owner had a piece of paper wedge to make it work so we got it fixed correctly, but cost nothing because it was so minor at a local garage.

All it was basically was a short in the connection to the motor.

1.5 engine is VERY weak, struggles up hills especially with A. C on.

Automatic Transmission is geared low to help climb hills. If you punch on it going up a hill, it gears down quickly then gears back up and will change too often.

Tip: If you are going up a mountain, just keep the car in 3rd gear... did good that way for me.

General Comments:

I have had the car for nearly 60,000 miles.

I started driving it when I was 16 so you can imagine what I put it through.

I bought the car with a dent in the passenger side. Local shop fixed it perfectly.

Put aftermarket chrome wheels on the car, looked great.

Put aftermarket C. D player/speakers in car.

Handling is very tight, I really enjoyed this part of the performance.

Around 75-80k hit a deer, had to get another door put on the car, aftermarket left front fender and have dents taken out of the hood.

Later hit a small dog which cracked the front of the car, but never got that fixed due to value of the car.

Great gas mileage!

When I first got the car and kept everything clean, got lots of compliments which was great with the amount of money I spent (very cheap!)

Overall, despite being a "cheap" car, it has been VERY dependable despite what all I have put the car through. From what I have got out of the car, I would feel comfortable suggesting someone to buy the car at 100k on it.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2005