28th Oct 2014, 18:42

Minor? Clearly you haven't driven a 1990 Toyota Starlet Soleil - replete with reclining seats and rear defroster. Now, THAT was a better car. When you have reviews from different countries saying exactly the same thing, well into the 21st century, you have to wonder. Beats walking? Get a used car - a cheaper way to beat it.

26th Feb 2015, 05:33

This person doesn't even own the car. It's got 74 HP. I'm not sure what kind of power you're expecting from that. This reviewer gave comfort a score of 1? Totally disagree. For a tiny city car, I find it surprisingly comfortable. I use my Mirage to commute 60 minutes each way. I have a bad back and it doesn't bother me at all in this car. This review has zero credibility.

30th Mar 2015, 20:00

This is the review of a non-owner, who would not choose any eco-car against a large truck, so is therefore largely irrelevant. If they did some research, they would realise that the Mirage beats most competing cars in the class in most areas, particularly the acceleration of 11.7 secs to 62mph, the high MPG, low kerb weight, tiny turning circle, large cabin space, low wind resistance (0.27) and so on.

If you don't like eco cars and want a Hemi engined truck, buy one and compare that to another similar vehicle; don't hurl abuse at what is effectively, the future.

Having owned small cars of most brands and driving every other one as part of my own business in the UK (where this type of car is more established and understood), I can comment that yes, it does have minor areas where other city cars beat it, but the overall package at the money can't be beaten if spending your own money....

...and you do not have the choice of cars to use across segments/price brackets from a hire car firm.

Some common sense please.