1988 Mitsubishi Montero from North America


I love the Montero, and it's the best car I've ever owned


Nothing wrong with the Mitsubishi Montero. A little top heavy, and slightly underpowered with only a 4 cylinder engine

General Comments:

Handles great, pretty good gas mileage for the year of the car. Love my gauges on the dash, and it handles great off road. The '88 Montero is a tough beast.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2011

1988 Mitsubishi Montero from North America


Power window mechanism broke, costing over $100 to have it fixed.

Steering idler arm wore out, costing over $100 to have it fixed.

Battery keeps going down. Probably will have to replace some electrical parts.

General Comments:

Vehicle rides rougher than any I have owned. I knew going in that it wouldn't be like a sedan, but this is ridiculous.

Feels like it's about to turn over when cornering. It's very top heavy and doesn't feel safe on the freeway.

It's seems to be built very solidly, but is just not what I expected.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2001

17th Feb 2008, 13:19

Hey there, I own 1988 Mitsubishi Montero. I think it's great and rides better than my family sedan. But I'm a gear head; me and my dad did some work to it. It's one of the easiest trucks I've ever worked on.

Your battery problem is probably a alternator problem, but I put a inline fuse running from the alternator to the battery. It sounds like it could also have a ground problem.

As far as the ride; Well you need new shocks and sway bar bushings. I would have the alignment checked also. Mine rides great.

I also put a homemade solid steel front bumper on it, and put a little weight in the back of it.

The only problem I have had was the crappy autozone plastic valve body carburetor that they want 500 dollars for. I finally found out that there is a modified carb for it and it's 200 dollars cheaper. I have ordered it.

You also need to run the valves on it about every 5th oil change to get full performance out of it. The 4 wheel drive in it is cool; I've never seen anything like it before.

Hope I helped you out some. I would take care of it; they didn't make very many and I've been offered 6,500.00 for mine because of that.

4th May 2010, 10:05

I think my 1988 Montero is a good rival to early 2 door G wagon Mercedes. She shares many features with the Gelandewagen.

Off and on road performance are as good as what I paid for.

20th Aug 2017, 13:53

What do you mean run the valves?

21st Aug 2017, 11:38

Or spin the push rod. He's adjusting the valves.