25th Jan 2007, 20:20

I am responding to the post that stated you have to remove the intake manifold to change the spark plugs. You do not have to remove the intake manifold. I just changed mine on a 95 Montero SR. You do have to remove some brackets and use a u-joint socket adapter to get at the passenger side plugs other than that just patience.

7th Aug 2007, 15:00

That is too much work to get to the spark plugs, the car has too much issues with its fueling and air system, my has issues with the air mass. also the 4x4 has gone bad, it's a bad vehicle, I have had this car for 4 years and been fixing it ever since... I don't recommend this vehicle to anyone who doens't no anything abut mechanics.

5th Apr 2009, 22:44

To the last guy and everyone else, if you have a lemon, it does not mean that all of those cars are lemons. It just means you might have a lemon? Sorry.

30th Jun 2009, 19:08

I second the above comment. I have a 98 Montero and all I have had to replace (not including regular maintenance items such as oil filters etc.) the A/C belt, which was only 90 bucks. A lot of people here are complaining, but try to find a luxury SUV like the Montero for a cheaper price and then say something. I also agree that the Montero Sport is not nearly as good as the full size. If your 4x4 doesn't work, (which often happens with electronicly activated 4x4 when not used regularly) then just put in manual locking hubs will save you gas and they only cost about $120.

19th Jul 2009, 19:39

I have a 1995 SR with the 3.5 with 435,000 miles.

I have changed valve seals 3 times, changed spark plugs 6 times, removed the butterfly's at 100,000 miles, replaced all fuel lines, replaced every seal in the truck, replaced the expansion valve in the A/C twice, and the timing belt 5 times, along with pulleys and water pumps, and it still runs great.

24th Dec 2009, 21:25

I own a 1996 Montero LS and it runs fine. In cold weather, however, if I haven't cleaned the throttle body, it can die. For the most part though it runs great.

I have also has trouble with the cargo door; my handle recently broke. It is over a hundred dollars I know.

I'm looking for some aggressive tread tires that don't break my budget. I'm not wanting to pay over a hundred, but I will if I have to. I'm wanting 3 ply or better.

26th Aug 2010, 22:15

I have a 1997 Mitsubishi Montero SR. I bought it 5 years ago with 125K miles. It has over 160K now, and I have only done routine maintenance (oil, brakes, shocks). I frequently drive long distances, over 1k miles with no problems.

3rd Oct 2010, 07:39

Best truck for the money, I have a 97 LS with 210,000 miles on it, just a routine service is needed, a little oil leak at the back of the motor, which is easy to fix with a $2.50 oil seal. Great truck; I have two of them,...

17th Sep 2013, 13:37

I know this is an old post, but this might benefit others.

The idler arms tend to wear out on these and cause steering shimmy. Something to consider if you have vibrations.

17th Sep 2013, 13:39

Well said! I love my 2000 Montero. It's not perfect, but it is truly a world-class truck.

6th May 2014, 07:29

1995 montero LS with 175,000 miles. The engine is very smooth for an SUV. The interior layout looks modern and well throughout. The only flaw I've notice is this SUV loses oil slowly because of the valve guide seals. Anyone that owns this vehicle must check oil frequently and add oil when low or else your engine will seize up.