Nativa GLS 3.0 V6 petrol

Really enjoyable, with value for money

91 words, Oman

Nativa 3.0

A good workhorse with no frills

145 words, United Arab Emirates

Nativa GLS 3.0 24 valve V6

Good value for money, well built, but compromises on performance

258 words, United Arab Emirates

Nativa GLS 3.0 petrol

Cheap price = cheap quality

187 words, Kuwait, 13 comments


Nativa 3

An absolutely horrible investment!!!

198 words, Fiji Islands

Nativa GLS 3.0 gasoline

Cheap, but not really durable

115 words, Qatar, 1 comment

Nativa GLS 3.0L / 6 cylinder

Love it!

102 words, United Arab Emirates


Nativa GLS 3.0 V6

An imperfectly great vehicle that delivers buckets of fun

252 words, United Arab Emirates


Nativa LX 2.2 petrol

A reliable car, but with no driving excitement at all

221 words, Dominican Republic, 39 comments