1994 Mitsubishi Nimbus GLX 2.4 litre from Australia and New Zealand


Mitsubishi - Love that car!


Passenger side window doesn't open.

General Comments:

Only the one model, the GLX, but is quite well appointed.

Drum brakes on the rear were a bit of a surprise, but even the top of the range SE Starwagon of this era had them. So I guess the Japanese are very fond of them.

Vehicle is smaller than it looks in pics, is good for around town, when 7 people are in it, so long as you're carrying little or no luggage.

Mitsubishi claims that this model seats 7 adults in comfort, which I suspect that in Japan that's fine, but in a European market, with lanky 6 foot adults in the 3rd row seat, it's a real squeeze.

Head room is very good, & the roof lining is firm & doesn't sag, unlike Australian built Mitsubishis of the era.

Rule of thumb is anyway that Japanese built Mitsubishis are very much better in quality control; the Pajero, Starwagon & Triton are evidence of that.

The 2.4 litre injected engine is awesome & very potent, in the smaller package - don't forget that this is the same engine that powered the lumbering L300 & Starwagon, of the era.

The handling is also surprisingly good, despite what critics have claimed.

The interior quality of materials, straight away tells you it's a Japanese car; even though there's a lot of plastic used, it's very hard wearing.

The big advantage over the people moving vans, is that most people don't need to drive a huge, heavy, fuel thirsty van most of the time; the Nimbus is more user friendly, it behaves like a car, but has the space when you need it.

Mitsubishi have now dropped people movers now totally, for the Australian market, so now you are forced to go to Toyota, Honda, or Kia/Hyundai if you want to carry more than 5 people.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2015

1995 Mitsubishi Nimbus 2.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Definitely worth looking at


Very little in 100000km.

Replaced harmonic balancer (about $300 including labour).

General Comments:

Great little people mover, economical (between 10 and 13 km/l). Can carry 7, but then not much luggage space.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2006

16th Apr 2010, 00:07

I own a 2000MY Nimbus, bought second hand from a dealer in 2006 for $15,000. The 2.4l engine is not the fastest thing on the road when the car is fully loaded, but it's good enough.

I've now got 140,000km on the clock, and have to say that nothing major has gone wrong - just routine service items + tyres and a battery.

There are 4 ISOFIX points in the car - 2 in both the second and third row of seats, which makes this an ideal car for large young families on a budget.

I get around 10 l/100km.

The plus things for me on the car are the versatility of the 3rd row of seats. The 6th & 7th seats are separate, unlike a lot of other older people carriers which have a fixed bench. Also the front seats are very comfortable on long journeys. I have done Sydney to Brisbane several times in it in one day and never had a problem.

The negatives are the comfort of the second row of seats, and also access into the 3rd row of seats if you're an adult (fine for kids). Luggage space is minimal when all 7 seats are in use, but a roof rack or trailer address this issue.

24th Mar 2012, 15:59

I have one too! 2000 model, auto. I am in LOVE with it... I don't use it as a people mover, I use it to cart around furniture for my business. I'm a chick, and so the roof height and cabin floor space are fantastic for me to run my small business.

I bought it at 70,000 kms (very low kms for its age) a year ago, so I chose to replace the timing belt as a precaution. Otherwise, the only expense, other than servicing, has been a flat battery when I left the interior door lights on whilst loading up the car one day!!

With the seats now removed (and when empty especially, but even when fully loaded) and the air con on... this seems as economical on fuel as my little crappy VW Polo used to be.

I don't want to praise it too much, because if I ever need to get another one, I don't want them to cost too much!! The guy I bought mine off was an engineer at Honda, and his wife and kids said they loved it, and I bet they did!! Get one!!