2003 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 from North America


Fun to drive, good deal for a mid-sized SUV


Nothing so far, but have not had it for even a month yet.

General Comments:

This car is great for the Canadian winters.

Fun to drive too.

Space is pretty decent, and pretty comfortable too.

Not the best on gas due to AWD, but AWD is part of the reason I got this to begin with.

Took a big roadtrip with this car, and put it through all sorts of terrains and weather. Been very reliable with no problems at all.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2010

2003 Mitsubishi Outlander from North America


Not impressed and I feel stuck with it


Driver's side back passenger door seal leaked. Car was flooded when it rained. Horrible odor. It took about 4 visits before they were able to find and fix the problem. Carpet was replaced and seal was fixed under warranty.

Gas door had a sharp edge that was not filed down smoothly and I cut my hand on it pretty bad. They filed it down for me at the dealer.

Back hatch door will not open all the way in cold weather.

General Comments:

I had a Galant before this and I loved it, but wanted to be up higher. I really liked the size of the Outlander, and it was affordable.

It's compact, and handles well. I feel safe in it.

I enjoy having a choice between automatic and manual transmission. It allows for extra muscle when needed.

I don't like the plastic and material in the car. It's extremely hard to clean. The plastic scratches easily.

The gas mileage is awful! My Galant had a V6 and got better gas mileage. Very disappointing.

I'm looking very forward to trading it in when my lease is up.

Would not recommend.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2006

12th Mar 2017, 05:01

I'm impressed that Mitsubishi offered the Outlander with a shiftable automatic as far back as '03. That feature has taken a long time to trickle down to most economy cars.

I suppose that the Outlander was developed in the late nineties, right at the tail end of the era when Mitsubishi cared about remaining competitive in North America.

2003 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 2.4L from North America


Absolutely good value SUV


1.The sunroof comes up with metal hinge noise when close up. (back order, waiting for parts)

2.Engine gasket cap sips oil (25000km inspection, fasten the bolts and solved)

General Comments:

Good value, fully loaded, but base model price of CR-V.

Quiet on highway and city road.

Car-like handling, comfortable.

However, the seats are a little bit different from my Chrysler (bench seat).

Gas mileage is very high in extreme cold weather. (13L/100km) AWD model.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2005

2003 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS AWD from North America




Steering-pulls to right-dealer can't fix it and factory suggested fix doesn't work. Mitsubishi always has recalls-2 or 3 the first year we owned this car and the last.

Windshield wipers keep coming loose-have to keep tightning nuts under the hood.

General Comments:

Keep away from this one!

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Review Date: 11th October, 2004

20th Apr 2005, 09:23

I bought a fully loaded XLS Outlander in Jan. 2003. The first week the car pulled to the right. I had to have it aligned at the dealership. 3-4 months later noticed it was still pulling to the right. I was informed I would have to get my own alignment because of the time frame. In the fall of 2003 my car started making a ticking noise took in to dealer my driver side strut was cracked. At the time I paid $300.00 dollars to have the car tuned, align, balanced, oil change, etc. (at dealership)

April 2005 I took my car to get tires rotated. I was called into the garage. The tires alone on the car are $600.00 a set. I ran over a nail and had one replaced last year (sucked). My tires appeared still brand new. Except on on the side of the tire that lies against the hub. My driver side is worn down to the metal threading and my passenger side is just bold. But only on the side of the tire they are now telling me that my tires are not riding evenly and that I need an alignment and two new tires immediately. I'm tired of it already. Never again.

26th Feb 2013, 22:20

Your overall description is grossly misleading, "Nightmare"... Really?! For loose wiper bolts and silly alignment issues.