17th Apr 2006, 09:54

I agree. These vehicles are amazing. I have an '05 model VR-X with leather, double sunroof (for front and rear passengers!), 4 airbags, and GPS/DVD/TV/MP3 screen in the front. The seats are fantastic in this vehicle and I was suprised that it has good headrests for all 5 passengers. I also got the 5/10 warranty that has given me peice of mind for the future. I havn't had any problems yet and I have owned it for about 7 - 8 months now. I paid $39,990 drive away, and considering the features I got I could not be happier.

Dealer service is also very good, the people are very friendly and know what they are talking about.

I also agree with your comments about the look of it, it does look good and it is more manly then other SUVs. I also looked at the X-Trail and the CR-V and the looks put me off and I didn't like the interior of the CR-V because the dash looked very strange.

And once you have had it for a few months and have covered around 5,000km the engine really starts to loosen up and it begins to suprise you. You go through a patch of bad fuel economy and then it evens out at around 10 - 12l/100km in the city and if you use cruise control in the country it hovers around 5-6l/100km, which is quite good. And the transmission is a beauty, and after driving my wife's Verada and my brother's Lancer I can say that they have the best transmission's in all of their vehicles.

Question is why aren't more people buying Mitsubishi's vehicles? With their pricing, warranty, excellent build quality and decent looks you'd think they'd be selling well.

25th Apr 2006, 00:46

Agree about the comments made, the Outlander is truly a great vehicle in all respects. Comparing to Euro cars quality, I think the interior is on par, maybe a tad lower, but the mechanical reliability of Japanese cars is superior. They are built tougher and can handle a lot more than European cars, no question about that. If you need replacement parts ever, they are substantially cheaper then European cars as well. I am very happy with my Outlander and have absolutely no regrets buying it.

5th Feb 2007, 16:59

I posted the original review and after 22,000 kms my outie is still tight as new. Everything is well bolted, no rattles and squeaks - inside and out. Fuel economy improved, but not exceptional, it's almost 1.6 tonnes heavy and 11.5 li/100km city, 9 li/100 km hi-way driving is good enough for me. The novelty of owning a 4x4 wagon (coming from a small euro hatch) soon faded after 3 months, but I appreciate it how very little problem my outie gave me. The only minor hiccup is the fuel gauge needle is in between 3/4 and F even if it's full. I could have lived with it, but my dealer insisted the gauge sensor replaced under warranty. A car is an appliance (IMO), as long as it works without dramas, I'm happy. Unlike my euro hatch which had 8 visits to the dealer in the first 20k., the outie still ranks the best family wagon for me.

13th May 2008, 01:47

I have recently purchased 2007 outlander 2.4L 4WD (Old shape of 2006). The drive is fantastic. Automatic gear transmission moves like anything.

Rock solid when going on the highway. AC is very effective in the merciless heat in United Arab Emirates.

Look gorgeous from outside and inside. Good value for the money.

I will recommend this vehicle to anyone who really cares for himself and his family.