1988 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5L turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


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I had to replace the gear box at 150300 miles. I bought a second hand one for 500 euros. I was disappointed that I had this problem as I don't drive hard or pull heavy loads. I guess I was just unlucky, and I wouldn't regard this as a common problem on Pajeros of this vintage.

A new back box was fitted in the summer of 2003. This was reasonably priced.

I recently replaced rear leaf springs, U-bolts and bushings at a cost of 300 euros.

I also had to replace the front shocks.

Along with these I had to renew both the idler arm and pitman on the steering system.

My latest headache points to the fuel pump and injectors as excessive black smoke is being produced and I'm feeling a loss of power towing and going up hills.

General Comments:

I Know the above problems look gloomy, but I have to say apart from the gear box they are common problems on pajeros at this age.

Anyone I have talked to with a pajero like mine has had practically the same problems at the same mileage.

The exterior of mine is in mint condition and the metallic paint shines up well. I often have people come up to me and complement me on the condition of the jeep.

It's a very practical jeep with good space in the rear and as it's a short wheel base its easy to park.

I'm a college student and find the pajero a very easy jeep to work on. The engine bay is very spacious and all major parts are accessible.

With the aid of a workshop manual any repair can be done at home. I carried out all the above repairs in my back yard.

In all the years I've had the jeep its started first turn every time.

As for comfort, these old pajeros don't rate high and the cab is noisy.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2004

18th Dec 2004, 10:38

I have a 93 Pajero 2.5 TD and am extremely happy with it. The report I reply to comments on the Pitman and Idler arms and also black smoke and loss of power. Depending on the age of the vehicle, the Pitman arm (Drivers side) is on a recall, where Mitsubishi will replace free of charge! I had mine done in May this year.

The symptoms regarding smoke and power loss almost certainly relate to a faulty EGR valve (exhaust gas recycle). I had the same problem and after replacement (£200) I now have full power, no black smoke and improved economy!

I hope this report helps.

PS has anyone out there experienced a screeching noise from the engine bay at exactly 2250 rpm. The noise seems to be air at pressure escaping from a component. I have had the turbo checked out and given the all clear. It has certainly got my mechanic scratching his head!

4th Aug 2005, 04:16

Yes I have! I thought I was the only one with this problem! I haven't actually found the cause, but if it is the same whistling noise that I hear from my engine I think it's something to do with the turbo, intercooler or attached piping. Like you I've had many people look at it, as well as applying soapy water to the outside of the system myself, and find no fault, but it certainly sounds like whistling air at exactly the same RPM that the turbo comes on boost. It's also not just turbo spool because mine has only just started recently.

10th Nov 2005, 02:29

The blank smoke is caused by the EGR most of the time. The fault is normally the solenoids or the valve being dirty. You will find the info you need at www.pocuk.co.uk.

11th Oct 2007, 17:14

I have a 1993 Pajero 2.5 turbo diesel with a blown engine. A friend of mine offered me a 2.3 turbo diesel engine out of a 1986 mark 1 Pajero. Will it fit into my jeep without any modification. Can anyone help?

4th Oct 2013, 11:54

Yes, it will bolt up to your Pajero. The 2.3 and 2.5 share the same engine block of the 4d5 family. The one he is selling you is a 4d55; the one you have is a 4d56. The only differences are the head and stroke of the crankshaft.

13th Dec 2015, 05:59

I'm 17 and only bought my 88 turbo diesel SWB Pajero about 1 year ago. I've had all the brake calipers replaced and ensured all my shocks are tightened, yet I still hear the rattle coming from one of the wheel bays. Any ideas?

Thank you.