1989 Mitsubishi Pajero Exeed 2.5L Intercooled turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


A big, tough lumbering beast


Driver's seat and seat belt were replaced due to wear. Took the chance to install front gas suspension seats which were an option on more recent models.

Stock stereo and speakers were horrible and needed urgent replacement with a Sony MP3 deck and Xplod speakers.

Gearbox is on its way out, sometimes grinding between gears. It seems to occur more frequently when downshifting, due to the higher revs I guess.

Bushes all through the front suspension need replacing.

Door seal on the drivers door needs replacing as it is torn in one corner and leaks water slightly.

General Comments:

This car is my reliable constant companion. It has been all over Australia on numerous camping and 4x4 adventures, most of them through Central Australian deserts. With a roof rack, bullbar and a good set of tires this car can go anywhere.

It isn't very quick off the lights, but the intercooled turbo diesel powerplant produces thoroughly silly amounts of torque without the equally silly engine displacement of some of its rivals. Driving revs are between 1000 and 2500 rpm and it idles at about 600. It can chug up a hill comfortably doing only 1500 revs without losing speed or getting the shakes. Furthermore, it tows a trailer with so much ease I forget it's even there (a big problem when changing lanes!).

The low operating rpm allows for great fuel economy not only for a car of its size, but its actually cheaper to run than a commodore, with around 9.5-10L per 100Km compared to a VT Commodore's consumption of around 13L per 100km.

It may not be quick, and heating the glowplugs, warming the engine up and cooling the turbo down all add a few more minutes to each drive, but it's reliable, economical and it can do anything.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2005

1989 Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed 2.5 turbo diesel, intercooled from Australia and New Zealand


Comfortable, quick, but makes a horror story Discovery look reliable!


Consider this: I paid $18000NZD, spent $54000NZD on repairs, then sold the car $for 5000NZD. It blew 7 heads, 2 blocks and head gaskets by the truckload.

At least parts are cheap!

General Comments:

It was comfy, it would seat 7 in comfort.

I clocked it at 165kph.

The engine was revvy, so performance was good.

Handling, by 80's SUV standards, was surprisingly good; take note Land Rover.

The radio was not worth stealing, because unless you happened to have a high specced Japanese import, the radio (bigger than the glovebox almost!) would not fit your car.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2005

5th Jul 2005, 05:29

This guy should be locked up for the way he treated his car! I own the same model of Pajero as he reviewed and I can say with certainty that his driving habits were the cause of his mechanical problems. Diesels cannot be driven with the same heavy boot that petrol models can, I drive my Paj at between 2000 and 2800 revs. It is certainly not revvy unless I have my foot to the floor and the needle jumping to the 4500 rev red line. I have driven my Paj over 320,000 kms of harsh Australian outback and never had a single problem with the sturdy and robust power plant.

19th Jul 2005, 04:30

Greg here, I must agree and say that my Mitsubishi Exceed 1989 2.5 5 speed diesel turbo inter-cooler has been perfect,only reconditioned the alternator. It has been drive as the car has been designed to do... to get you there and back in comfort, if I wanted to get there quicker I would have taken an aircraft .

1st Aug 2006, 04:58

Are we talking about a Mitsubishi here or the Galloper Exceed? Galloper is a Korean made copy that is horrible (copy of previous model, and was dirt cheap). I grew up in a rural area where "everybody" drove Mitsubishi Pajero. These are bulletproof cars so long that you watch out for rust, especially the 80's Pajeros rusted like mad. But the Galloper cannot be compared. I know several that had (oh yes, past tense) Gallopers and these cars were poorly made. A friend of mine was able to get the car returned to the dealer within a year after ten or so repairs. And this was MAJOR work like blown axles, transmission etc. Some years ago they stopped importing these after many customer complaints.