2004 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS 3.2 DID from Australia and New Zealand


Very comfortable and versatile


Timing chain broke - destroying engine.

Leaking oil pressure sensor. Replaced it myself, part was about $40.

Intercooler cracked, causing large emissions of soot from the exhaust. Bought a new one on eBay for about $600, replaced myself.

General Comments:

I bought this car as I wanted a 4x4 that was as safe as possible, but with proper off-road ability. The NP Pajero fulfills that criteria better than an equivalent year Prado or Land Cruiser.

It has electronic stability control, as well as full time 4x4 if you choose, plus airbags and an inherently strong one piece body.

The engine was a little noisy when I got it, and had a flat spot at 1800 RPM. They are an inherently fairly noisy diesel though. After about 6 months I was driving it and the engine died, it had mashed itself, caused by a broken timing chain. I suspect in hindsight the chain was stretched, which can happen if the tensioner over-ratchets. The noisiness and flat spot in hindsight were warning signs, but being new to the car I didn't pick them up. $5000 got me a second hand motor supplied and installed. Since then, no issues at all. The new engine revs smoothly and is quite powerful above 2000 revs. Overtaking on the highway is easy.

The intercooler had been bent by the previous owner and eventually cracked. They are in a low down position at the front and can be susceptible to damage. A heavy gauge aftermarket bash plate is good insurance to protect this area much better than the flimsy factory guard.

The car is very comfortable, and the front seats are generous and well supported. Braking is good. The air con is great. Boot space is very good, especially with a cargo barrier so you can stack it high. I removed the rear boot seats, which gives a very handy underfloor storage space, good for ropes, gloves, pump, etc. Fuel economy is about 10L/100 km and is very consistent. I drive a mix of highway and country town urban.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2016

1st Jun 2017, 00:37

I realise this is comparing apples with bananas, but spending $5,000 (presumably Australian) on a 2004 vehicle. At auction here in Japan, you could replace the vehicle for that sort of money.

14th Sep 2018, 12:54

The car was worth about 20k Australian at the time the engine died. Sure 5k for a new engine was expensive, but there was no other option as the failure was catastrophic. And I have since done 5 years of trouble free motoring; the car is now up to 275k. Market value currently about 10k Australian.

2004 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS 3.2L DiD from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable Desert 4x4


AC sensor failed (replaced for $100).

Rear cargo door no longer opens.

Passenger door window shim out of alignment.

General Comments:

I live in one of the remotest parts of Australia, and therefore I need a vehicle that is reliable, but can also handle desert track driving.

The Pajero hugs the tracks extremely well with its lower, wide profile (unlike the Toyota Troopies I use at work). The corrugations are brutal on most vehicles here, but the Pajero is still holding together pretty tight after 35,000km.

The interior cabin has ample head room for those drivers over 6ft, and the seats are very comfortable. I would buy another Pajero.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2011

26th Dec 2011, 03:50

I am the original reviewer of this car. After one year of ownership, this vehicle is no more. I got into a head on collision with a Toyota Landcruiser and survived with only a broken arm and leg. The airbags on the Pajero deployed and saved our lives. My 2 year old boy and wife walked away from this head on with only a few bruises. We are so grateful that the Pajero's crush zones and safety features were real, and not just a marketing gimmick.

Time to look for a new one.

10th Feb 2015, 09:35

I also recently just tried out in the 4WD scene. I'm used to fast and VIP cars, I bought a top of the range Pajero 2004 NP model, loved it... a bit high for my liking (used to lowered cars), but it handles great and it's quite reliable. I put 22" wheels on it and it still drives great. I don't do 4WDing, just city runs... but I'm 100% satisfied.

8th Aug 2018, 05:49

Thank god you were all safe... but care to share what happened to the Landy?