27th Nov 2007, 20:54

Hi everyone.

I have an old 4cyl petrol (think 2.6 or 2.8L engine) 86 7 seater Pajero, which I bought recently with 380 km on the clock and a recent head recon.

Its been fine till recently when the radiator developed a leak and had to be replaced along with rotten hoses (fair enough if that was the original ones), and two other weird things that I'm not sure if are related or not:

I was driving it off road down a bumpy road coming back from a forest track. I came back to nicer roads and put it back into 2wd. Drove for around another 20 minutes when the 4wd light started flashing. Tried to reverse it out and it would stop flashing while the car was in reverse or neutral, and go back on as soon as I put it into first. I finally managed to get it back into 2wd and drove home.

When I got home the same day, it developed intermittent power steering failure on tight corners where I am braking at the same time and have some level of speed on the corner.

Any ideas?



14th Jun 2009, 10:59

I have an LW Mk1 Pajero, and the problem is if the passenger wiper is on the car, the wipers won't work. I have changed the wiper linkage and it still won't work, and as my MOT is due very soon, I need to sort it. If anyone can help I'd be very grateful.

29th Nov 2009, 01:39

Any positive/negative comment about 1991 Pajero V6 3000 4X4 manual petrol. Guy, is it still reason to have this car now a days? Albert Phil.

22nd Feb 2010, 05:32

Where on the 1989 Pajero wagon would I find the handle for manual sunroof, as the electrics stopped working? Thanks.

2nd Nov 2010, 22:15

I have a 1987 Pajero turbo diesel (Japanese import to Australia) 2.5L. At 100km/h there is a speed buzzer that buzzes. How do I switch this off or disconnect?