2014 Mitsubishi RVR ES 2.0L from North America


Fun to drive daily commuter



General Comments:

Love this car so far. It's just enough room for handling a weekend away and also isn't too big to be used as a daily commuter to work and back. I love the fuel mileage and comfortable seats. The engine makes a nice grunt with the 5spd, although you're not going anywhere fast in this car. Wanted something reliable, roomy and great on fuel to run around a city to work and back, and could still handle a trip to the cottage or golf course with a load in the hatch. The 10 year warranty is great; I hope to have this vehicle for at least 10 years.

Was the cheapest car in its class, and the basic model (I wanted a manual transmission) came with A/C, power doors, cruise, heated seats/mirrors etc. Basic items that other manufacturers actually still charge for.

Only complaints would be there's a little too much plastic, especially in the door lock and hatch lock assembly. Also they really need to relocate the heated seats' switches. They are crammed between the seat and arm rest. So to activate the switch, you have to fish your fingers down there like you're trying to pick up change that fell from your pocket. Also the stock Yokohama tires are terrible; looking forward to them wearing out.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2014

2nd Jun 2016, 13:32

Update: Car now has 33,000km and 2 years of everyday driving. Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with the car, I've only done oil changes. It's been great in the winter snow as well.

28th Feb 2017, 19:37

Final update. Traded the car in with 45,000km. Still had zero issues, great car. Expanding family so I went up to the new Outlander.

8th Apr 2019, 23:31

Thanks for the updates. Very helpful!