28th Jul 2004, 03:52

It is not surprising that both of you have the same problem. I have a 1994 two liter diesel turbo for four years. During that time I had the timing belt changed, full recondition of both front disk brakes, recondition the engine as the crankshaft broke. It is not economical in fuel at all. I have to service the engine regularly or else it will not give me a good service. My advise will be switch back to petrol. On the long run it will give you peace of mind, and save some money.

20th Dec 2004, 09:41

My wife is the owner of an RVR 2.0 auto turbo diesel.

It is very comfortable, but very thirsty for diesel averaging 20 MPG in any driving conditions.

The turbo gasket needs replacing because holding bolts come loose under vibration and ruin gasket.

Front left axle keeps on snapping its support with the gear box for some strange reason. the car was checked for chassis and mounting damage but none found, but when above 70MPH support will apparently brake.

Slow on motorways 70MPH max speed should have been designed better.

Overall a comfortable, noisy and disappointing ride.

23rd Feb 2005, 09:02

My wife is the owner of an RVR Sportsgear turbo diesel.

I cannot see the use of the turbo.

Very comfortable ride, but as previously stated, 20 MPG in any driving condition, and 70 MPH top speed.

I suffered from the snapping of the front left axle mount to the gear box, but hopefully that was due to an engine mount being damaged. Very expensive to repair.

Very good looks, but a very disappointing buy, with low residual value.

9th Jul 2005, 17:51

Had the roof rust off mine. Apparently this is very common, also had a bumpy auto, and the turbo died, later the head cracked. This was a well maintained vehicle.

25th Nov 2006, 11:02

RVR turbo diesel auto' purchased with 89Km on the clock, now 109Km I work this vehicle hard 5 days a week on & off-road. A very comfortable vehicle, more so for being a utility.

I have replaced worn out front brakes & water pump & now replacing timing, generator & balance belts as a precaution.

Vehicle is low geared, but the overdrive helps, but does not engage its highest ratio below approx' 65 MPH, so is thirsty, but much better than the Landrover I used before & that drove like a tractor!

Top speed around 85MPH.

This vehicle is now nearly 13 years old and shows very little rust, true not a thing of beauty any more, but she is getting on in life!

10th Feb 2014, 05:23

RvR diesel compared to petrol: would anyone know if the RvR diesel crankshaft is the same as the RvR petrol one?