12th Mar 2001, 05:57

My name is Corey and I am 17, I bought a Scorpion about a year ago. It's sweet!! I want to do it up, but I don't know what to do, I want to put double Webers on it, with a performance cam, but I don't know if it's worth it. It's stock standard, other than the exhaust. It has a good stereo in it, with subs, amp, and so forth, but I was wondering what else there would be to do to a 2.6 Astron, like to make it off its head.

Well thanx man, hope to hear something back, bye!!!

27th Mar 2001, 05:47

Everybody should go to www.RPW.com.au and you will get all the tips you need.

As for the Magna engine, get an Astron 2 engine out of a GJ-GK Scorpion and the get the latest Magna head you can find. As they got newer, the ports got bigger. This head will bolt straight on. Then get the inlet manifold off the Magna, cut the throttle body off and put it on the other end, and you will have one of the strongest engines built. With turbo, no balance shafts, balanced bottom end, forged pistons, Magna head and injection, you will be able to produce 350hp at the treads no worries.

27th Mar 2001, 20:08

I'm a big Scorpion fan. I have had many drags in my car (at the time of drags a stock 2.6 manual). Cars I have beaten include a 12A manual RX7, new Hyundai Accent, a few VL commodores, a new Lancer VR-X. I also used to run my mates VK Commodore EFI (with exhaust and extractors) all the time up to 160 km/h and it was basically even all the way. I blew the big end bearing not long ago and got a rebuild of the stock motor costing $2500. After putting 1500 km's on the new motor I took it down to the drags and ran a 17.5 with a 2.7 second 60 foot time. I should be getting around a 2.5 60foot time however this was good enough to beat some stock Civic's, Lancer's, and do smoke off some old Corolla's, Gemeni's, etc. I'm looking into making a Scorpion website. If anyone wants to chat to me or help me with the site send me an email to WReXy_STi@hotmail.com (yes I am a WRX fan but one day my scorpion will smoke WRX's :)

3rd May 2001, 19:11

Quick, but not too quick. Has just got quicker. Bought a 32/36 weber (same as Holley 5200) and put it on, with some porting to the inlet manifold. Played around with the jets and now it goes a lot quicker.

Also I am now running electric fuel pumps, better ignition and thermo fan, all of which has helped, especially in allowing it to rev more.

22nd Jul 2001, 04:22

They are certainly top cars. I have a 1984 Scorpion that is standard apart from having a 3.8 Fuel Injected V6 in it. It goes reasonably well and has beaten anything against it. It was a tough job getting it in and cost a fortune but it has resulted in an effective 'sleeper'. I'm sure there are faster Scorpions around, but not too many. They are the forgotten Mitsu- keep discussing them!


21st May 2006, 00:53

Hello, I bought a Scorpion. It has been driving great. Appart from a small flat spot due to timing it has been a joy to drive. Recentley it started cutting out under revs. Now it won't start after stopping on the freeway, she just died. Now it starts and idles when its cold. But will not rev or run. I have fuel in my filter running through, but won't drive engine stops does this sound like a carby problem. It's an Astron II. Is this a common thing with the car. It is mint and engine sweet before this. Will take to mechanic just curious. Been running standard unleaded. Thank you.

17th Jun 2006, 06:37


Its got it all, very good site, and I love my GN and GK Sigma, even though one is a parts car :)